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SUNHOUSE - Tết này, đừng về nhà ăn Tết

The Lunar New Year, or Tet, is a golden opportunity for major brands to launch campaigns centered around family. SUNHOUSE, the leading kitchen appliance brand in Vietnam, was no exception. Timing the campaign around Tet, SUNHOUSE's "Tết này, đừng về nhà ăn Tết" (This Tết, don't go home to celebrate) revolved around a very familiar theme - the indifference towards family meals.

Phrases like "Home-cooked meals are not delicious," "Home-cooked meals are bland," and "We can eat home-cooked meals anytime" are common excuses for avoiding family dinners. With a mission to build happy kitchens and be the support for family meals, SUNHOUSE had to change consumer perceptions.


Following the successful "Nhà là bếp" (Home is the Kitchen) campaign during Tết 2018, SUNHOUSE successfully positioned itself as the leading kitchen appliance brand in Vietnam with an engaging music video titled "Đánh thức gian bếp" (Awakening the Kitchen), featuring the famous MC Quyền Linh's family, and a meaningful viral video titled "Bếp Lạnh" (Cold Kitchen), reminding viewers of the significance of the kitchen in family life.

Building upon this momentum, SUNHOUSE aimed to continue the theme of happy kitchens, emphasizing the togetherness of family members around the dining table during this year's Tết. While this theme was not entirely new, it had become somewhat repetitive with numerous campaigns centered around family kitchens during the holiday season. Brands like Cocacola, Neptune, and Bitis had already become iconic figures in this domain. Additionally, the home appliance sector had seen massive marketing investments from various brands, making it even more challenging for SUNHOUSE to find a fresh angle within the familiar territory of the kitchen.


  • Reaffirm SUNHOUSE's position as the leading brand in the kitchen appliance sector in Vietnam.

  • Strengthen the brand's image of "Home is the Kitchen, Kitchen is SUNHOUSE" as the heart of every family.

  • Enhance the brand's value by promoting family happiness and togetherness, going beyond providing essential kitchen appliances.

  • Launch the SUNHOUSE MAMA brand with the message of "Upholding Family Happiness," a premium product line that meets the criteria of Durable, Eye-catching, and Safe.

  • Expand the market share and capture 40% of the household appliance industry segment.


For many, home-cooked meals represent a precious time when parents and children can bond. However, for many young people, especially those with busy lives, home-cooked meals often equate to dull, repetitive dishes served with parental nagging. It's only as people grow older and miss something significant that they start to appreciate the simple, ordinary aspects of life, particularly family meals. In the outside world, many people long for the warmth of home-cooked meals. Due to circumstances, family dinners have become a rare luxury, and many yearn for proper family meals.

SUNHOUSE believes that family dinners are moments of complete warmth and happiness. They aim to create millions of family dinners like these to preserve and strengthen the bonds between family members in Vietnam.

Creative Idea

This Tết, don't return home to celebrate, return home for a family meal!

Timed to coincide with the pre-Tết period, the video's message emphasizes returning home to "have a meal" instead of "celebrating Tết." In recent years, people have often described Tết as unexciting, lacking the spirit of celebration. However, what is there to celebrate when the kitchen is cold, and family members aren't enthusiastic about gathering together? Tết loses its appeal if it lacks connection. It's the everyday family meals that create real family bonds.

The campaign extends this concept to different life stories, demonstrating the contrast between people who don't have the opportunity to enjoy regular family meals and those who've carelessly missed these hearty meals. This campaign helps viewers reflect on their own lives and develop a deeper appreciation for the simple and normal aspects of life, particularly the warmth of family dinners.


The entire campaign involved three main phases:

  • Phase 1: The teaser video featuring Shark Phú, titled "Tôi cảm thấy Cô đơn" (I Feel Lonely), was released to create a buzz on social media.

  • Phase 2: The campaign's main video, "Tết này, đừng về nhà ăn Tết" (This Tết, don't go home to celebrate), and the message, "Hãy về nhà ăn cơm" (Come home for a meal), were launched. The video touched on the theme of loneliness and regret, urging people to appreciate family dinners and promote the SUNHOUSE brand as the symbol of family happiness. This message was consistent across multiple media platforms, including TV, cinema, and online channels.

  • Phase 3: The launch of the SUNHOUSE MAMA brand, positioning it as the embodiment of "Family Happiness, Quality, Style, and Safety." All SUNHOUSE MAMA products were labeled with the "Hãy về nhà ăn cơm" (Come home for a meal) message. This expanded the product line to include kitchen equipment, kitchen appliances, and cooking utensils, among other items.


The campaign achieved remarkable results:

  • The video "Tết này, đừng về nhà ăn Tết" reached over 35 million views on YouTube.

  • SUNHOUSE's Facebook page had over 1 million followers, making it one of the most popular brand pages in Vietnam.

  • SUNHOUSE MAMA products quickly gained traction in the market and contributed significantly to the company's revenue, meeting the Durable, Eye-catching, and Safe criteria.

  • The campaign won several prestigious advertising awards, including the Vietnam Digital Award (Gold).

  • SUNHOUSE successfully expanded its market share in the household appliance industry, capturing 40% of the segment.


The "Tết này, đừng về nhà ăn Tết" campaign highlighted SUNHOUSE's core value of promoting family happiness and togetherness. It effectively encouraged people to appreciate and return to family meals, a key aspect of Vietnamese culture. The campaign's message was amplified through various phases, including a teaser video, the main video, and the launch of the SUNHOUSE MAMA brand. These efforts resulted in outstanding brand engagement, market expansion, and several prestigious advertising awards. SUNHOUSE has solidified its position as a leading kitchen appliance brand in Vietnam and made a meaningful contribution to preserving the importance of family dinners in modern life.


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