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SUNHOUSE - Elevating Tet Gifts: Warming Mother's Heart and Father's Soul

In the realm of premium home appliances, SUNHOUSE MAMA stands as an exceptional brand under the renowned South Korean conglomerate, SUNHOUSE. With a history spanning over two years in the Vietnamese market, this brand has cultivated a distinctive presence, particularly through its landmark Tet 2016 campaign. Mention SUNHOUSE MAMA, and what immediately springs to mind is the durable and visually appealing electric rice cooker that boasts cutting-edge three-dimensional heating technology.

Campaign Overview - A Glimpse into the Strategy

Campaign Title: SUNHOUSE MAMA Tet Gift - Warming a Mother's Heart and a Father's Soul

Objective 1: Amplify Product Visibility and Brand Image: The primary goal of the campaign is to expand the reach of SUNHOUSE MAMA products and solidify their status as beloved items across the nation. The focal point of this effort is the Tet gift campaign that seeks to warm the hearts of mothers and provide solace to fathers.

Objective 2: Diversify Product Range: SUNHOUSE aims to broaden its product range under the SUNHOUSE MAMA brand to cater to varying consumer segments.

Campaign Insight - Understanding the Emotions

  • Unspoken Gratitude of Loving Husbands: Men who cherish their joyful families hold deep admiration and gratitude towards the women in their lives. However, the delicate balance between the "self" and the magnificence of the women they admire often poses a challenge.

  • Father's New Year Wish: Dads long for their children to return during Tet, providing them the opportunity to express the unspoken sentiments that lie beneath the surface.

  • Children's Return and the True Essence: While children do return home for the occasion, their presence is not always what parents genuinely need. Often, it becomes a mere obligation rather than a heartfelt connection.

Strategic Execution - Unveiling the Plan

Building upon the success of the "Thank You to 16 Million Vietnamese Consumers" campaign, which celebrated the beloved SUNHOUSE MAMA rice cooker, the Tet 2017 initiative takes a step forward. The company introduces a grand promotional program, involving the giveaway of 10 billion Tet gifts to further expand the product portfolio of the cherished brand.

Creative Concept - The Heartfelt Tet Gift

The Tet Gift for Mothers - Warming a Father's Soul campaign embodies the unspoken emotions of over 16 million family-oriented men whose grown children evoke a sense of pride. This sentiment resonates with over 40 million mature children who, through these Tet gifts, convey their fathers' gratitude to their mothers. This initiative aims to empower fathers to convey these emotions through carefully chosen Tet gifts that not only warm their mother's heart but also reinforce the familial bonds.

In a modern society where social media has become ubiquitous, the return to traditional values during Tet has become somewhat diluted. The campaign urges us to genuinely return to the essence of Tet celebrations, focusing on family unity and emotional connection.

TET: Facebook's Celebration or a Family Reunion?

Tet marks a time of joyous homecomings, yet it can also be an overwhelming affair. The tasks of home cleaning, festive decorations, rice cake preparation, gift shopping, and ancestral worship, coupled with the constant virtual presence on social media, can be quite demanding. While the online world appears vibrant and jubilant, the undertones of mothers' hidden sorrow and fathers' weary sighs remain palpable.

Captivating the Audience - The Implementation

The campaign comes to life through vibrant visuals showcased on the website: It invites visitors to contemplate the choice between a Facebook-driven celebration and an authentic family reunion during Tet.

The Authentic Tet Experience - A Heartfelt Message

The short film titled "Real Tet - Virtual Tet" resonates with millions, urging them to genuinely reconnect during the Tet season. The evocative "Tet: The Return Home" music video garners millions of views, drawing listeners to the emotional core of Tet celebrations.

Soobin Hoang Son, the singer behind the hit "Đi Để Trở Về", elegantly delivers the campaign's essence through the hashtags #Didetrove and #Khitrovehaythucsutrove, inspiring countless hearts within the online community.

Achieving Success - The Results Speak

The campaign bears fruit as more than 100,000 SUNHOUSE MAMA products grace homes during Tet 2017, a testament to its resonance with consumers. The initiative also entices over 10 million participants to engage with the campaign's website:

The viral short film "Real Tet - Virtual Tet" surpasses 5 million views across Facebook and YouTube, ascending as the top-viewed and most impactful video during Tet 2017. Similarly, the music video "#Tetlakhiduoctrove" achieves a remarkable feat as the hit song of Tet 2017.

SUNHOUSE MAMA adeptly captures the quintessence of Tet through its thoughtful campaign that encapsulates the desires of devoted husbands, yearning fathers, and returning children. The initiative's emotional core transcends the digital realm, beckoning individuals to embrace genuine family reunions amidst the modern era's social media influence.

The campaign's remarkable success underscores its ability to resonate with millions, fostering true connections during the festive season. Through its poignant films, soul-stirring music, and heartfelt messages, SUNHOUSE MAMA rekindles the spirit of Tet and exemplifies the union of family values in a rapidly evolving world.


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