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The Story of Oreo's "Tắt Đèn" and the Lesson in Moment Marketing

In the digital age, capturing the attention of customers requires a strategic approach, especially when it comes to marketing. One such technique that has gained popularity is Moment Marketing, also known as Real-time Marketing. This ingenious tactic involves leveraging real-world events to engage with the audience. Today, we bring you the captivating story of Oreo, a brand that employed Moment Marketing in an exceptionally clever and effective manner.

The Changing Landscape of Audience Attention

In today's world, it's rare for someone to solely focus on watching television without distractions. Many viewers engage in multiple activities simultaneously, such as watching the World Cup while browsing Facebook on their phones. This shift in consumer behavior challenges businesses to think beyond traditional TV advertising and focus on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To stand out and be remembered, brands must seize the attention of their customers in these digital spaces. Oreo's remarkable Moment Marketing during the Super Bowl in February 2013 exemplifies the power of such an approach.

The Power Outage Moment

During the Super Bowl, halfway through the game, the stadium experienced an unexpected 34-minute power outage. In that moment, Oreo saw an opportunity and swiftly crafted a tweet that said, "Power Out? No problem." The tweet featured an image of an Oreo cookie illuminated in the dark, accompanied by the tagline "You can still dunk in the dark." This simple yet brilliant tweet quickly went viral on Twitter, garnering over 15,000 retweets within hours. The cleverness of the joke, tied to a power outage, struck a chord with the audience.

Behind the Scenes of Success

The success of Oreo's Moment Marketing was not a stroke of luck; it was a well-prepared and coordinated effort. A team of 15 social media managers from Oreo diligently monitored customer behavior and reactions during the Super Bowl. This meant they were not just running TV ads during halftime; they also had content writers, planners, and designers ready to create a marketing masterpiece in less than 10 minutes. This swift, real-time response strategy is what defines Moment Marketing.

Reaching Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Engaging with customers on social media allows brands to connect with their audience on their phones, computers, or tablets rather than just on television screens. This approach is particularly impactful considering that, before the Super Bowl, a behavioral survey revealed that 36% of viewers would be looking at a second screen. Moment Marketing thrives on capturing the audience's attention by addressing events that have just occurred, such as the power outage in this case. With so many brands competing for advertising space during the Super Bowl, Oreo's tweet stood out as a beacon of creativity and wit.

The Value of Engagement

Johan Berger, a professor and marketing author, highlighted the significance of retweets over traditional ad views. He stated, "I believe that retweets hold more value than ad views because they demonstrate that customers not only read and understand the tweet but also choose to share the ones they like with their friends. Will this directly translate into increased revenue for Oreo? It's hard to say. However, it undoubtedly makes Oreo appear wiser, more interesting, and more sophisticated in the eyes of its customers. If we were to compare it to a TV commercial, a tweet during a power outage might actually bring more brand value."

Oreo: The Super Bowl Champion

In the end, Oreo emerged as the true winner of the Super Bowl that year, not just because of their delicious cookies but also due to their ingenious Moment Marketing strategy. They managed to capture the attention of millions, spark conversations, and create an indelible brand impression through a single tweet.

Oreo's "Tắt Đèn" Moment Marketing campaign serves as a remarkable case study of how brands can leverage real-time events to create powerful connections with their audience. By adopting Moment Marketing, businesses can stand out amidst the noise, reach customers in new and engaging ways, and enhance their brand value. The art of capturing the right moment and delivering a compelling message in real-time can elevate a brand's reputation and propel it to success.


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