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PROJECT 2022 - 2023


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Portico and Bridge, a prominent European immigration service corporation with an established presence in the B2B market, recently ventured into the B2C sector. Despite allocating a significant budget towards marketing efforts over the course of one year, they did not yield any results or leads. Moreover, no traffic to website.

Project time frames: Since July 2022 - Now.


• Reposition: Develop company position and product propositions

  • Develop communication plan & assets to differentiate from other players.

  • Re-branding building to enhance trust.

  • Develop content strategies to optimize the POE (Paid - Owned - Earned)

  • Run performance marketing to generate leads.

  • Consult for new business models and operation.

  • Lead to re-design new website layouts and backend.


  • Significantly optimize POE media to drive over 3,100 traffics/month (since Aug 2022).

  • Generate and enhance the number of leads per month.

  • Optimize and reduce the cost per lead month by month.

  • Enhance the contracts since the start of the project.

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