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Vitahealth, a dietary supplement brand highly regarded by pharmacists, had limited sales volume and virtually no brand awareness among end consumers during its 10-year presence in Vietnam.

In 2017, a new regional CEO was appointed with a vision to develop innovative approaches to marketing activities in Vietnam and revolutionize the company's performance in the market. Given the CEO's newness to the region and the relatively small size of the business in Vietnam, it was necessary to partner with an agency to provide a thorough analysis and strategic recommendations on which approaches to pursue.

Our team was brought on board to assess the current situation and identify new opportunities for growth in the market. We developed a comprehensive understanding of the brand's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and recommended targeted marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and improve market share.

With our strategic guidance, Vitahealth was able to successfully reposition itself in the market, with a new and improved marketing approach that resonated with end consumers and boosted sales volume. Our strategic collaboration with the new regional CEO helped to lay the foundation for the brand's sustained success in Vietnam.


•5Cs analysis


•Online CRM & e-commerce

•Mobile App to educate and engage with consumers daily

•Solution Oriented approach rather than product centric.

•Communication platform.

Random slides below as proofs!

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