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Orgalife, a company established in 2014, conducted research and developed a line of food products for special medical purposes. The company successfully expanded its business in almost all hospitals in Vietnam. In 2021, Orgalife launched new products that directly serves the normal end-users, including Fomeal basic soup, Delisoup, Navie Cerna, O'gomeal, and Fomeal Care.


Unfortunately, from the period spanning a year and a half until May 2022, the business performed poorly due to a lack of differentiation, portfolio management strategy, market planning, and effective communication.

Project time frames: Jun 2022 - Dec 2022.


• Develop Portfolio Strategy & Positioning: shift the focus from O'gomeal for weight management to Fomeal Care for Elderly.

  • Reposition Fomeal Care as a NUTRITIONAL SOUP for the elderly, differentiated from milk by not containing lactose. It emphasizes hydrolysis technology that helps break down nutrients into smaller molecular particles under 5000 D.a, which are very small and easily absorbed. This is beneficial for the elderly, especially those who are recovering from illness.

  • Develop communication plan, TVC, and route to market-plan-for the whole company.

  • Develop product concepts for other 5 product ranges.

  • Develop business plan and e-commerce business & operation.

Result: TVC, product concept, and communication concepts were highly evaluated with a high satisfaction level and purchase acceptance of over 97% from both target groups: children buying for their parents and parents as end consumers.

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