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PROJECT 2020 - 2022




In February 2020, a newly founded company specializing in immigration and investment emerged, boasting a team of highly experienced professionals from the industry. These individuals possessed extensive knowledge, skills, and understanding of various countries, programs, as well as the nuances and distinguishing factors of each program. However, the company encountered a hurdle when it came to establishing a strong brand presence. They faced challenges in formulating effective marketing strategies, determining the right direction, developing a robust portfolio, and implementing performance marketing tactics.

Project time frames:

Strategy Development & Performance Marketing Setting: Feb 2020 - Jul 2020

Intermittent consultants: occasional engagement, occuring once or twice a year until Mid 2022.


• Positioning & Portfolio Management: develop communication strategies for Canada Startup Visa Program

and become the market leaderfor the program just in the first month launch.

  • Develop communication plan & assets for total business to differentiate from other players.

  • Website Construction and Design

  • Creation and Management of Facebook Fanpage

  • Production of Video Clips to Enhance Client Experience and Engagement

  • Portfolio Management and Program Prioritization

  • Content Development and Fanpage Management

  • Run performance marketing to generate leads.


  • Successfully establish the Canada Startup Visa Program as a distinctive and successful asset

that serves as a catalyst for the growth of other programs.

  • Impact: On the very first and second day of the marketing launch,

four prospective clients traveled directly from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh to attend a meeting

specifically arranged for the Canada Startup Visa Program.

  • This rapid response demonstrates the high level of interest and

engagement generated within just one day.

  • Initiated performance marketing efforts within one week of establishment,

resulting in over 400 lead forms generated in the first month.

  • The average cost per lead for our primary focus program, Startup Visa Canada,

is half the cost compared to other competitors.

  • Notably, the cost per lead in May 2020 reached only a quarter of the typical industry rates,

indicating exceptional cost efficiency and effectiveness.

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