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PROJECT 2015 - 2016




The launch of Bioderma in Vietnam in January 2015 presented a unique opportunity for our team to tackle the challenges of introducing a new product to a competitive market. Our French exclusive distributor, which specialized in distributing medicines and expanding into consumer care and personal care products, including Klorane (Shampoo), Bioderma, Dermeden, Purressential, and others, faced significant obstacles during the 11-month launch period.

With over 95% of the marketing budget spent on ETC channels, dermatological events, and Facebook, we found that the return on investment was limited. Moreover, the revenue generated from the launch was exactly equal to the marketing budget, indicating a need for a more strategic approach to marketing and distribution.


Further analysis revealed that the Facebook fanpage had page likes, but little to no engagement, and that sample and travel sizes were kept with the distributor without any usage rights. These findings highlighted the need for a more strategic approach to the distribution of Bioderma in Vietnam.

As a result, we worked closely with the exclusive distributor to re-evaluate the marketing strategy and identify areas for improvement. By optimizing the marketing budget and focusing on strategic distribution channels, we were able to generate a significant return on investment and drive engagement with the brand. We successfully utilized the remaining $700 of the budget to achieve this goal.

At our core, we are a strategic marketing consultancy that prides ourselves on delivering data-driven insights to our clients. Our experience with Bioderma in Vietnam is a testament to our ability to identify opportunities, optimize marketing budgets, and drive results for our clients.


Our team was invited to assess the key issues and propose a marketing plan for the brand. Despite the complicated route-to-market plan, we were confident in our ability to deliver results. However, we quickly realized that the internal team was unable to handle the operational complexities of the marketing plan.


As a result, we stepped in to take over the strategy and operation of the marketing plan. Our team leveraged our extensive experience in marketing and our deep understanding of the market to ensure the successful launch of the brand.

We worked closely with the internal team to identify areas for improvement and create a comprehensive marketing plan that aligned with the brand's objectives. Our team took a hands-on approach, managing the day-to-day operations of the marketing plan, and ensuring that every aspect was executed flawlessly.


Our ability to step in and take over the strategy and operation of the marketing plan demonstrates our commitment to delivering results for our clients. We leverage our expertise and experience to ensure the success of every project we undertake, and we are proud to have been a key contributor to the success of this brand.


  • Analyze and Assess 5Cs (Category - Main Competitors - Consumers - Channels - Company)

  • Define Route-to-market plan (including new channels, e-commerce,...) and Marketing Plan with clear roles of product range and clear role of SKUs among portfolio.

  • Strongly convince to use travel-size and sample-size to build trial (because there was only 700 USD left for marketing and no plan ahead for 2016)

  • Change target group, the content strategy, portfolio management in Facebook, the advertising approach. (700USD spending only in 2 last weeks of Dec 2015, then the engagement during Jan 2016 to Nov 2016 were all organic with 100 post engagement per day) - Contact Makeup Artists for viral. - Deal with Mabel Box to deliver sample size freely for Bioderma to end-users as building trial. - Set clear strategic SKUs and objectives to sales team based on the nature of the product.

plan Bioderma 1.png
plan Bioderma 2.png


After 2 week of changing the approach in Facebook, only paid 700USD, each day, Fanpage got 50-100 comments and inbox messages asking for advice and buying products without spending until Oct 2016. (Problem between Bioderma Head Quarter, Bioderma Regional Office in Hong Kong, and Distributor in Vietnam)
Revenue in 2016 was 4X higher than in 2015.

Bioderma 1.png
Bioderma 2.png
Bioderma 3.png
Bioderma 4.png
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