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SUNHOUSE - Is Home the Kitchen?

SUNHOUSE - Is Home the Kitchen? was a transformative campaign that aimed to redefine SUNHOUSE, a leading household appliance conglomerate in Vietnam. Despite dominating the market share, the SUNHOUSE brand struggled to establish a clear identity in the minds of Vietnamese consumers, especially in the southern region. The campaign asked a fundamental question: Is home synonymous with the kitchen, the heart of every household?

Campaign Context

SUNHOUSE, a dominant player in Vietnam's household appliance market for 17 years, operated across various sectors, including home appliances, kitchen equipment, industrial electronics, and more. However, the brand had yet to cement its identity, particularly in the southern region of Vietnam.

Furthermore, due to its diverse business portfolio, consumers and even retailers had difficulty defining what SUNHOUSE truly represented. This prompted a series of critical questions for the campaign:

  • How could SUNHOUSE redefine its identity for consumers who associated it with too many product categories?

  • Should SUNHOUSE focus on "Household Appliances" and compete with global conglomerates, or niche down to "Kitchen Appliances" for a more defined market position?

  • How could SUNHOUSE stand out during Tet (Vietnamese New Year), a period when major consumer brands invest heavily in advertising and storytelling?

Campaign Goals

The campaign set the following brand objectives:

  • To associate the words "Kitchen" and "Home" with SUNHOUSE within the next five years, making consumers think of SUNHOUSE when considering kitchen-related products.

  • To establish SUNHOUSE as a trusted companion to 18 million Vietnamese kitchens.

  • To convey a friendly and honest brand personality to consumers.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The campaign aimed to achieve the following KPIs:

  • Position SUNHOUSE as the number one kitchen appliance brand in 18 million Vietnamese households.

  • Reach over 20 million consumers during the 2018 Tet season and increase brand recognition in the southern region, with 30% of the audience remembering SUNHOUSE as the leading household and kitchen appliance brand.


Modern life, with its expanding social connections and daily distractions, has led people to distance themselves from their kitchens and the warmth of shared family meals. The campaign identified a worrying trend – kitchens were growing cold, and family bonds were weakening. The aim was to rekindle the significance of kitchens, to remind people that the kitchen is the heart of every home, where happiness, connection, and prosperity flourish.

Creative Idea

Awaken the Kitchen (Đánh thức gian bếp)

It emphasized that a truly warm and happy home begins in the kitchen, where the family's heart beats. A kitchen without cooking is like a family without connections. SUNHOUSE sought to make kitchens vibrant with visually appealing, lively products that would inspire women to prepare delicious meals and foster connections among family members.

Campaign Execution

The "Kitchen is Warm" message was conveyed in the first phase of the campaign, highlighting the joy of reuniting, sharing, and celebrating in the kitchen. The campaign acknowledged that modern life often drew people away from the kitchen, and it aimed to bring them back.

TVC (Television Commercial)

The campaign's TVC featured the song "Awaken the Kitchen" and reached over 10 million viewers nationwide. It received more than 3 million views in major cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Can Tho, as per Nielsen's data.

Viral Clip

The viral video emphasized the connection between families through the kitchen, showcasing simple but meaningful moments of care and sharing. It featured three different couples: newlyweds, a couple married for over 40 years, and a couple facing difficulties. Each story demonstrated the profound impact of the kitchen on their relationships.

PR and Social Media

The campaign sparked debates on social media about the significance of the kitchen in homes, driving over 2.5 million interactions and discussions on the topic. Many celebrities and influencers endorsed the campaign, adding their voices to the discussion.


In its initial phase, the campaign aimed to create a significant impact on households, encouraging them to value the kitchen as a place for happiness and connection. Many consumers shared their thoughts, and the "Awaken the Kitchen" message resonated:

  • Over 40 million views and 10 million TV viewers for the "Awaken the Kitchen" MV.

  • Over 10 million views on digital platforms (Facebook & YouTube) for the "Awaken the Kitchen" MV.

  • Nearly 2 million social media interactions and discussions about "Home is the Kitchen."

The campaign's most significant achievement was gaining the love and appreciation of consumers. Nearly 300 heartfelt letters were received by SUNHOUSE, thanking the brand for helping build and maintain warm kitchens, making them the true hearts of homes.


SUNHOUSE - Is Home the Kitchen? successfully redefined SUNHOUSE's brand identity, aligning it with the warmth and connection found in kitchens. The campaign not only achieved impressive metrics but also touched the emotions of millions of Vietnamese consumers. It awakened a sense of appreciation for the role of kitchens in family life and established SUNHOUSE as a trusted companion in millions of Vietnamese households.

This campaign showcased the power of meaningful storytelling in marketing, reinforcing the idea that the heart of every home truly is the kitchen.


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