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7Up - Vietnam Refreshing Project: Celebrating Originality Through Street Art

In an era of intense competition in the soft drink industry, 7Up decided to embark on a refreshing journey to reconnect with its audience in Vietnam. This case study explores how 7Up transformed its brand positioning from a mere beverage to a celebration of individuality and originality through the Vietnam Refreshing Project.


7Up, known for its zesty lemon-lime flavor, had always been associated with refreshment and positivity globally. However, in Vietnam, the brand aimed to redefine itself by focusing on the uniqueness of individuals. The challenge was to communicate this new direction effectively and resonate with the target audience.


The campaign had a twofold objective:

  • To create massive awareness about 7Up's new positioning as a brand that celebrates individuality.

  • To engage and connect with young urban Vietnamese who value their originality and want to express it freely.


Despite Vietnam's rapid economic growth, remnants of pre-1994 urban decay still existed. The youth in Vietnam had a desire to express themselves uniquely, but societal norms often discouraged this. 7Up aimed to empower them to embrace their originality.


Based on global trends, 7Up identified seven platforms for people to express their personality. One of these platforms was Street Art. The idea was to beautify old, damaged urban areas with vibrant street art while allowing young individuals to express themselves. The campaign aimed to merge self-expression with community improvement.

Creative Idea

Visual art, particularly Street Art, was chosen as a powerful medium for self-expression and community transformation. The campaign introduced the "Vietnam Refreshing Project," inviting young people to use visual art to rejuvenate their communities. This initiative celebrated originality and encouraged individuals to contribute positively to society.



The campaign began with a global TVC titled "Feel Good To Be You," featuring influencers expressing their uniqueness.


A dedicated website, "," was launched as an engagement community where users could submit their ideas on beautifying their cities. Users submitted design concepts, and the best ideas, selected by the community and the brand, were brought to life.

Social Media

7Up's Facebook fan page promoted creative ideas as inspiration, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) encouraged their followers to participate.


A mobile version of the campaign's website allowed users to capture photos of buildings they wanted to transform and use a painting tool to create their designs on-the-go.


After two months, the campaign yielded remarkable results:

  • Sales volume increased by 20% compared to the previous year.

  • Market share increased by 1 point.

  • Brand love and refreshment scores increased significantly.

  • Over 1,500 ideas were submitted, surpassing KPIs.

  • The campaign reached more than 45 million target consumers.

  • The Facebook fan page gained 7,000 new fans with over 308,000 user engagements.


7Up's Vietnam Refreshing Project successfully repositioned the brand as a champion of originality and community engagement. By celebrating individuality and encouraging positive contributions, 7Up not only refreshed its image but also revitalized communities across Vietnam through Street Art.

This case study exemplifies how a soft drink brand can become a catalyst for self-expression and social change, proving that a refreshing beverage can inspire refreshing perspectives on life.


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