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Mamamy - Welcoming Your Child to Parents

Campaign Overview

The moment a new life is born is always sacred and filled with wonder. However, sometimes, the anxieties and worries of parenthood overshadow these precious moments. Mamamy, a brand specializing in products for newborns, has helped preserve these moments and spread positive emotions to all current and future parents. With "Welcoming Your Child to Parents," Mamamy has chosen a unique approach to touch upon core values and the sanctity recognized by experts as the path of dreamers. After the "Curious Land," Mamamy's dreamers continued their emotional journey with the "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" campaign, taking a meaningful step toward building a beautiful lifestyle filled with positive emotions, joy, and excitement for children and parents.


Mamamy is a product of Dong Hiep Trading and Investment LLC, a purely Vietnamese conglomerate that has been present in the market for nearly 20 years. Mamamy's product range includes natural baby bath and shampoo foam, natural laundry detergent, baby bottle cleanser, and glass baby bottles with accessories. Over the course of 20 years, Mamamy has made a strong impact on the market, boasting the highest market share in the wet tissue for children's market segment. A 2017 Nielsen survey revealed that Mamamy led in revenue and sales volume in the wet tissue for children's market segment in the 6 major cities during the period from April 2016 to March 2017, with a market share of 33.8%.

What's noteworthy is that before 2016, Mamamy had not engaged in marketing and advertising but primarily developed its presence based on high-quality products and traditional sales methods. In recent years, Mamamy has started its communication and brand-building activities, focusing not on specific revenue goals but on a broader objective: to make the world of parents and children more beautiful, emotional, and magical through the brand's activities. To continue spreading this value, a long, enduring, and continuous journey is needed.

In 2017, the "Curious Land" campaign, a unique land of wonders in the midst of a 10,000 square meter area, attracted 10,000 participants. To continue this journey, in 2018, Mamamy needed a campaign that aimed to create an emotional space filled with positivity for both children and parents. The campaign needed to align with Mamamy's core values and resonate with the deep emotions of every parent, choosing magical, valuable moments that could create a strong emotional impact within the community.


  • To contribute to creating a world for children and parents filled with beauty, wonder, and positive emotions, inspiring Brand Love for Mamamy.

  • To become a brand that inspires and deeply empathizes with children and parents, helping them nurture their babies more easily, relax, and enjoy the journey of parenthood.

The campaign aimed to connect with the core values that Mamamy had built and expressed in previous campaigns, indirectly contributing to building a sustainable customer community that shares and continues to spread the beautiful values that Mamamy represents.


From the perspective of those who accompany families on the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing, Mamamy observed that during the childbirth phase, fathers and mothers often experience emotions of worry and pain, causing them to forget the happiness of welcoming their child for the first time. These emotions, which they may only experience once or twice in their lifetime, can be overshadowed by the anxieties and physical discomfort of childbirth.

Originating from this insight, Mamamy created an authentic photo series, capturing the sacred moments of the childbirth journey, emphasizing the most magical moments: Anticipation, Pain, Tears, Touch, Beginnings, Care. These photos allowed parents who had given birth to look back and see themselves in those moments, reminiscing about beautiful memories. Expecting parents could also use the photos to imagine their upcoming journey, tapping into the emotions of the childbirth process. Once they embarked on this sacred journey, they could cast aside worries and tension, allowing themselves to fully embrace and savor these precious moments.

Creative Idea

Childbirth is a journey filled with emotions and wonder, the moment when a tiny soul enters the world and joins their parents. Let's welcome this moment with positive emotions, relaxation, and the ability to fully enjoy this precious time. Life itself is already magical and wonderful, and we don't need to search far and wide for it. The magic lies in every moment, on the journey from pregnancy to childbirth and child-rearing.

To convey this spirit, Mamamy became an ambassador to help parents preserve these unforgettable moments of the childbirth journey. The photos were taken at Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital and accompanied by online activities, PR, and a photo-sharing contest on social media platforms to continue spreading inspiration to the nationwide community of parents, collectively building a better and more wonderful life for parents and children.



Photo Exhibition in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Mamamy collaborated with the Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital to create a series of photos captured over 54 consecutive days, involving hundreds of families from all provinces and cities across the country. Thousands of photos were taken, and seven outstanding sets were selected, each with a unique theme: Finding Words, Anticipation, Pain, Tears, Touch, Beginnings, and Care. Speaking about the "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" photo series, Mr. Vu Ba Quyet, former director of the Central Obstetrics Hospital, shared, "The photos are highly emotional, authentically portraying each moment. Until now, having witnessed many childbirth scenes of parents, I still feel deeply moved when looking at these photos."

The photos were exhibited at the "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" exhibition in Hanoi (27-28 October) and Ho Chi Minh City (3 November). This was a large-scale exhibition, unprecedented in Vietnam, featuring nearly 100 large-sized photos, each reaching up to 2 meters in height, displayed street-art style. In addition to the exhibition, the photos were also published on the campaign's landing page and the "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" event page on Mamamy's fan page.


The photo exhibition attracted participation and emotional sharing from numerous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), popular moms such as Oc Thanh Van, MC Minh Trang, Uyen Bui, Trang Lou, Nam Thuong, and Diep Chi.

Content Video

Consumer Promotion

Gifts for 5,000 Sets for 5,000 Mothers Nationwide

As part of the campaign, Mamamy launched a program to give 5,000 sets of gifts to 5,000 mothers across the country who were expecting to give birth in October 2018 or had given birth from April 1, 2018, to September 30, 2018. The registration link for the gift contest was opened in five key regions: Hanoi, Northern Region, Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Region, and Central Region.


"Share Your Emotions" Contest

Mamamy conducted a contest titled "Share Your Emotions and Receive Gifts with Mamamy." The contest featured prizes including an iPhone XS Max and hundreds of valuable gifts. It ran during October and November on Mamamy's fan page. Participants could vote for their favorite photo and share their emotions about the photo on the contest's landing page.


Information about the campaign was widely disseminated through online newspapers, print newspapers, TV, and popular fan pages and forums, both inside and outside the country. Mamamy received support and shared the campaign widely with photos, videos, and PR articles featuring the photo sets, landing page, and emotional stories from thousands of parents who attended the photo exhibition. Additionally, Mamamy cooperated with popular newspapers and TV channels to produce in-depth articles, feature stories, and video clips.

The campaign had the participation of many Key Opinion Leaders in Vietnam, widely shared on their personal pages. Mamamy also held many livestream sessions during the time the photos were exhibited, involving a wide audience and numerous key figures in the country.

Online Content

Mamamy's fan page posted one photo each day in the last week of October and the first week of November. The photos were shared widely and brought a high interaction rate on Mamamy's fan page. They also helped thousands of pregnant women anticipate the emotions of childbirth, strengthening their patience and joy of bringing their children into the world.



The "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" photo exhibition attracted more than 5,000 participants. The photos were widely recognized for their authenticity, bringing emotional resonance to all viewers. The exhibition was highly rated by experts and gynecologists who had attended the event. Many visitors were emotional and cried while viewing the photos, resonating with their own experiences.


The photos from the exhibition received significant attention on social media platforms. Key Opinion Leaders and popular moms participated, shared their emotions, and posted pictures from the exhibition on their personal pages. Numerous pregnant women and new parents engaged in emotional sharing about the childbirth journey.

Content Video

The "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" video received more than 20 million views and was widely shared on social media. The video conveyed the spirit of the campaign and inspired many parents and expecting parents to appreciate the precious moments of childbirth.

Consumer Promotion

The "Gifts for 5,000 Sets for 5,000 Mothers Nationwide" program received thousands of registrations. Mamamy successfully provided gifts to thousands of mothers, enhancing the brand's connection with new and expectant parents.


The "Share Your Emotions" contest generated significant participation and emotional sharing on social media. The contest helped spread the campaign's message and created a sense of community among parents.


The campaign received extensive media coverage through online and print newspapers, TV, fan pages, and forums. PR articles and videos showcased the photo sets, landing page, and emotional stories of parents who attended the exhibition.

Online Content

The daily photo posts on Mamamy's fan page received high engagement and interaction from the audience. The photos helped pregnant women anticipate the emotions of childbirth and connect with the campaign's message.

The "Welcoming Your Child to Parents" campaign successfully achieved its objectives by spreading positivity, empathy, and inspiration to parents and expectant parents. Mamamy strengthened its brand's connection with the parenting community and continued to build a reputation as a brand that cares deeply about children and parents.

This campaign showcased the power of authentic storytelling and emotional resonance in marketing, emphasizing the beauty of life's magical moments and the importance of preserving these memories. Mamamy's commitment to creating a world filled with beauty, wonder, and positive emotions for parents and children was effectively conveyed through this campaign.


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