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Prudential - Commitment to Love through Listening and Understanding

Prudential's "Commitment to Love through Listening and Understanding" campaign marks a fresh beginning in the brand positioning of Prudential insurance. In collaboration with the agency Isobar, Prudential promises to bring about a significant shift in its brand identity.


After several years associated with a family-oriented image, Prudential is gearing up for a new phase in brand positioning in 2019.

Aligned with their familiar slogan "Always Listen. Always Understand" and campaigns that build awareness around family relationships in Vietnam, Prudential is now taking more significant steps to demonstrate its commitment to the people of Vietnam.

This branding campaign represents a transition between the old and the upcoming brand direction of Prudential.


The campaign aims to execute a transition that maintains the essence of Prudential's association with family while introducing the new brand direction to the target audience gradually. Simultaneously, it seeks to convey its message to all target audiences across the nation, making it relatable and heartfelt.


Real Experience

Prudential creates opportunities for invited guests to express their love for their loved ones directly. This approach allows Prudential to integrate and demonstrate the brand's role more clearly through ideas that resonate with the daily lives and the psychological aspects of the target audience.

Creative Idea

The Anniversary

Family relationships are the longest-lasting and most enduring of all. With this in mind, Prudential seeks to honor and celebrate these enduring relationships by creating warm and emotional anniversary gatherings. This isn't just about celebrating; it's about helping family members realize their dreams and desires within the family.

With this concept, Prudential plays a supporting role and collaborates with special family members to express their love for these long-lasting relationships, while continuing to strengthen and nurture those bonds.


Content Video

The video clip narrates the stories of three different characters representing three typical family relationships: a son and his father, an older brother and his younger sister, and children with their parents.

Each story is an expression of gratitude and appreciation for a special family member.

  • The story of a son who wants to express his feelings towards his father on his birthday, as they don't often express emotions to each other.

  • The story of an older brother organizing a birthday party for his younger sister to resolve misunderstandings between the two siblings.

  • The story of a daughter who wants to organize a wedding anniversary for her parents as a way to fulfill her parents' dream of a wedding they never had when they were young.

All these stories aim to encourage people to listen and understand, and transform that understanding into actions to nurture and cherish love.


In just half a month after its launch, Prudential's Content Video has garnered over 3.5 million views and received numerous positive comments from the community. The campaign successfully touched the hearts of the audience and resonated with them, aligning with Prudential's commitment to love through listening and understanding.

In conclusion, Prudential's rebranding effort showcases how a company can evolve its brand while maintaining the essence of its core values. By focusing on the enduring aspects of family relationships, Prudential connects with its audience on a personal level, fostering love and understanding.


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