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Prudential - Không sao đâu: Building Stronger Family Connections

The insurance industry is gaining importance in personal, family, and societal life due to its role in providing financial security. While developed countries often have insurance coverage rates as high as 90%, Vietnam lags behind significantly in this regard. The general awareness of life insurance among Vietnamese consumers is limited. To address this, life insurance companies have started focusing on emotional values such as family bonds, love, and responsibility, in addition to tangible benefits like financial risk reduction and effective financial planning. Prudential's "Không sao đâu" campaign, launched in April 2018, aimed to strengthen emotional connections with family values. In a competitive market, what set Prudential apart?


The insurance industry in Vietnam has great potential for growth, with fewer than 10% of the population owning insurance policies. International insurance brands have entered the Vietnamese market in recent years, intensifying competition among both domestic and foreign insurers. Most insurance brands emphasize healthy lifestyles, enjoying life, family values, and protection and sacrifice through their messaging.

Prudential, a long-established British insurance brand in Vietnam, understands the Vietnamese culture and is well-known for its slogan "Always Listening, Always Understanding." To stand out in the family-themed communication battle, Prudential faced the challenge of differentiating itself while maintaining a modern image.


Business Objective: Increase market share and establish Prudential as one of the leading insurance companies in the industry.

Marketing and Communication Objective: Enhance brand loyalty and emotional connection (Brand Love) among the target audience by consistently developing the brand's "family bonds" values, which have been cultivated for many years through the message "Gia đình là vô giá" (Family is priceless).


Modern life's complexities often lead to individuals harboring personal concerns that go unshared due to the reluctance to burden their loved ones. For example:

  • A mother with an illness doesn't want her child to worry.

  • A father hides his longing to encourage his child's distant career.

  • A husband carries the family's burdens, silently coping with stress and avoiding worrying others.

These examples reflect the Eastern culture of sacrifice and endurance, sometimes resulting in invisible gaps that can affect the quality of life and family relationships. However, with awareness and care from the other party, opportunities for better communication and relationships can arise. This hidden truth served as the campaign's starting point.


Prudential capitalized on the deep-rooted Eastern culture of family values. According to Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) conducted in 2017, family relationships are the most important aspect of Vietnamese life. The index revealed three primary concerns:

  • Parental care for their children.

  • Bonds between family members (parents and children, husband and wife, parents and grandparents), covering expectations of care, responsibility, finances, children, and lifestyle.

  • Views on health among family members.

This survey not only emphasized Prudential's commitment to family values but also explored factors that could improve family relationships. For instance, humor was identified as a core element of successful relationships (66% agreement), and 53% of respondents wished their partners would prioritize health and take on more family responsibilities, leading to stronger relationships.

Creative Idea

The "Không sao đâu" campaign used the common phrase to make a strong impression and reflect the indifference towards family members. Though a simple phrase, it carried a profound meaning and a powerful impact, causing people to reconsider their often-neglected care for their families.

The message, "Gia đình là vô giá. Lắng nghe thật sự để thấu hiểu yêu thương" (Family is priceless. Truly listen to understand and love), was consistently highlighted throughout the campaign. It was extracted from real-life stories and situations, emphasizing the "Không sao đâu" phrase as a reminder of the deeper meaning behind it.


The entire campaign was executed over a span of two months, divided into three phases:

  • Teasing: Creating curiosity in the community about the phrase "Không sao đâu."

  • Launching: Revealing the stories behind the phrase "Không sao đâu."

  • Sustain: Maintaining campaign momentum with two clips for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

The campaign primarily leveraged digital channels, including social media, Prudential Vietnam's official Facebook page, and YouTube. A series of video content was designed to align with each campaign phase. Prudential conducted real-life shooting sessions with 15 participants from various backgrounds, enriching the campaign with genuine, emotional stories.


The "Không sao đâu" campaign achieved significant communication success within just over three months:

  • Total video views: 2,835,972

  • Total reach + impressions: 503,001,629

  • Total interactions: 118,241 (with 5,307 shares)

  • Total buzz volume: 5,226 discussions

  • Positive sentiment score: 0.97 (99% positive and neutral discussions)

  • Earned media: 55% (value generated through natural mentions on all channels without paid advertising).


By exploring a seemingly ordinary phrase through a unique and deep perspective supported by clear data and a consistent communication strategy, Prudential's "Không sao đâu" campaign demonstrated the vision of a leading brand. It committed to a sustainable foundation that creates positive value for individuals and families, fostering better life philosophies and stronger relationships. This indirect contribution to the company's development, including brand recognition, customer trust, loyalty, and enduring connections, positions Prudential as the preferred brand for millions of Vietnamese families on their life journey.


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