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Unveiling the Enchanting Beauty of Vietnam: Clear My Kool Vietnam Campaign

In a world where the hair care industry seems monotonous and the communication efforts fail to captivate the young generation of Vietnam, Clear, the leading hair care brand in the country, has embarked on a mission to revitalize its brand image. With an ambitious vision, Clear aims to establish itself as a dynamic, youthful, and relatable brand among the youth of Vietnam. This aspiration gave birth to the "Clear My Kool Vietnam" campaign, a collaborative effort between Clear and Lowe Vietnam, which triumphed at the MMA Smarties in 2014.

Context and Challenge

Clear, the number one shampoo brand in Vietnam, offers advanced solutions for dandruff and scalp issues. However, the challenge lies in reinvigorating the brand's image and making it more appealing to the young generation. The primary objective of the campaign was to reposition Clear as a brand that resonates closely with the youth and enhances their perception of a "cool" and refreshing summer experience.


The travel industry predominantly caters to foreign tourists, enticing them to explore the captivating landscapes of Vietnam. Surprisingly, many young Vietnamese remain indifferent, often favoring overseas destinations like Singapore and Thailand over uncovering the unique and fascinating places within their own country.

This raises the question: "Why are foreigners more interested in exploring Vietnam and discovering its hidden gems than the Vietnamese themselves?"


To achieve the campaign's goals, a creative strategy was devised, focusing on three key components: Trigger, Experience, and Amplify.

  • Trigger: Instill a sense of national pride among the youth of Vietnam.

  • Experience: Encourage the youth to take initiative, explore the beauty of Vietnam, and actively participate in the campaign.

  • Amplify: Share the beauty of Vietnam with the world.

The campaign's communication strategy centered around the recognition that smartphones are not merely communication devices but also serve as tools for self-expression among the youth. With this insight in mind, Clear made mobile devices the focal point of the campaign.

Creative Idea

The core creative idea of the campaign was to unveil a "Cool Summer Map" of Vietnam, with a unique twist. Instead of having the map designed by professionals, Clear invited the young Vietnamese generation to share their experiences and insights about the charming nooks and corners of Vietnam.

Key Message

The key message of the campaign was: "Step up - Step out - Show the World." This mantra aimed to inspire confidence in the youth of Vietnam to explore their own country and take pride in its beauty.

Campaign Execution

The campaign was divided into three main phases: Clear Kool Spots, Clear Kool Hunters, and Show the World How Kool Vietnam Is.

Phase 1: Clear Kool Spots

Clear encouraged young travelers to explore and share their unique experiences of "cool" places in Vietnam by checking-in on the "My Kool Vietnam" map. The interactive landing page and the Kool Vietnam app facilitated this process.

Phase 2: Clear Kool Hunters

The highlight of this phase was the "Clear Kool Hunters" competition, which attracted significant attention from the youth. The campaign showcased the remarkable experiences of these trailblazers as they embarked on a 15-day journey across Vietnam, setting the stage for others to follow suit.

Phase 3: Show the World How Kool Vietnam Is

Captivating clips, such as "Cùng Clear Kool Hunters khám phá Việt Nam siêu Kool," went viral on social media, generating immense excitement among the young audience. These clips showcased the Hunters' extraordinary escapades and contributed to the widespread dissemination of the campaign's message.

Public Relations (PR) Efforts

The campaign's press conference, held at the top floor of the Bitexco Tower in Ho Chi Minh City on July 4th, 2013, featured prominent figures such as model Thanh Hằng and singer Thanh Bùi – both Clear brand ambassadors. This PR event successfully introduced the "Clear My Kool Vietnam" campaign, capitalizing on the momentum created by the Vlog "Du lịch Việt Nam cùng Kyo York" and the MV "My Kool Vietnam."

Event Lễ hội Trống Nước (Water Drum Festival)

The Water Drum Festival, held on August 4th, 2013, at My Khe Beach in Da Nang, marked the designation of My Khe Beach as a Clear Kool Spot. The event featured a captivating performance by model Thanh Hằng and 30 dancers, accompanied by pulsating DJ beats and an impressive light show.

Social Media and Mobile Strategy

The Kool Vietnam app, an essential part of the campaign, offered users an interactive map to mark the places they had visited in Vietnam. The app gained immense popularity, topping the travel app charts with over 5 million interactions during the campaign, surpassing even major players like Agoda and Vietnam Airlines.

Campaign Website

To maintain engagement and encourage discussions, Clear designed a dedicated landing page at The website featured various sections, including:

  • Updates with Thanh Hằng: A section dedicated to updates on the campaign, divided into two phases, highlighting press conferences and statements from prominent figures, including Mr. Nguyễn Mạnh Cường, Deputy Director-General of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, who remarked, "The youth are not just crucial consumers of the tourism industry but also the ones who make the most diverse travel map of Vietnam."

  • Clear Kool Spots: This section showcased the numerous "cool spots" discovered and experienced by campaign participants, encouraging others to contribute to creating a super cool Vietnam with more fascinating destinations.

  • Clear Kool Hunters: A platform to recognize and celebrate the pioneering spirit of the Kool Hunters, who fearlessly explored and shared their extraordinary experiences. The section inspired others to follow suit and be part of Clear's initiative to create a Kool Vietnam like never before.

  • Download Kool Vietnam App: Providing easy access to the Kool Vietnam app for both Android and iOS users, allowing them to actively participate in the campaign.

Viral Clips

The campaign kick-started with the Vlog "Du lịch Việt Nam cùng Kyo York," released on June 17th, 2013. The video sparked lively discussions and piqued interest in exploring Vietnam among the young audience. Following this, the MV "My Kool Vietnam," featuring Thanh Bùi, flooded the internet with its vibrant depiction of Vietnam's beauty, garnering millions of views on various platforms.

The viral clip "Cùng Clear Kool Hunters khám phá Việt Nam siêu Kool," released on November 19th, 2013, caused a sensation among the youth. This clip, produced by Red Spirit Group, showcased the unique experiences of the five Kool Hunters during their 15-day journey across Vietnam. The captivating activities of the Hunters evoked envy and inspired the young audience to be part of this transformative campaign.

Campaign Results

The "Clear My Kool Vietnam" campaign achieved remarkable success, with impressive statistics to its credit:

  • Over 3,000 "cool spots" were added to the Kool Vietnam app.

  • Hundreds of young individuals registered as "Clear Kool Hunters" on the campaign website.

  • The Kool Vietnam app received over 200,000 downloads on both Android and iOS platforms, securing the top spot on the travel app charts, surpassing even well-established players like Agoda and Vietnam Airlines, with over 5 million interactions during the campaign.

  • The viral clips "Du lịch Việt Nam cùng Kyo York" and "My Kool Vietnam" each garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube and became hits across television, online platforms, and social media.

In recognition of its outstanding achievements, "My Kool Vietnam" earned the Gold Award at the 2014 MMA Smarties in the Mobile App category.


The "Clear My Kool Vietnam" campaign successfully repositioned Clear as a brand that resonates deeply with the young generation of Vietnam. By empowering the youth to take pride in their country and explore its enchanting beauty, Clear inspired a new wave of nationalistic pride and wanderlust among the Vietnamese. The campaign's clever use of mobile technology, engaging content, and viral clips captivated the young audience, making it an exemplary model of successful digital marketing in the hair care industry.


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