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Nokia - Đắc Nhân Tâm: A Revolutionary Marketing Campaign to Ignite Passion for Nokia E-Series

In the year 2009, Nokia introduced its new line of products, the Nokia E-series, along with a visionary marketing campaign that took the world by storm - "Đắc Nhân Tâm." This groundbreaking campaign, centered around the shared wisdom of Dale Carnegie, the renowned author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People," aimed to create an emotional connection with consumers and elevate the brand's position in the Vietnamese market.

Setting the Stage

The Nokia E-series had already established itself as a prominent player in the Vietnamese market, with consistent revenue growth and a high level of brand awareness among consumers. This presented a perfect opportunity for Nokia to strengthen its bond with customers by igniting excitement and enthusiasm for the core benefit of the Nokia E-series - mobile messaging solutions.


The objectives of the "Đắc Nhân Tâm" campaign were clear and ambitious:

  • Excite and captivate users about the core benefits of the Nokia E-series - mobile messaging solutions.

  • Boost revenue for the Nokia E-series, especially the E71 and E75 models.

  • Increase awareness and interest in the campaign among consumers.

  • Establish a strong connection between the brand and the target audience by emphasizing the core benefits of the Nokia E-series.


The core strategy was to create a desire for owning the Nokia E-series by promoting the emotional benefits of Nokia's mobile messaging solutions to the target audience. The campaign aimed to create a strong association between Dale Carnegie's seminar and the Nokia E-series, both tied to effective mobile messaging solutions.

Creative Idea

Nokia's E-series, with its seamless mobile messaging capabilities, offered users a convenient and easy way to connect with their friends. According to Dale Carnegie, one of the best ways to win friends is to stay in touch with them regularly. The Nokia E-series embodied this concept, providing an efficient solution to connect with the community.


The campaign was executed in three distinct stages:


In this stage, Nokia used PR articles, e-DMs (electronic direct mail), advertisements, and web banners to generate interest and excitement for Dale Carnegie's seminar - the highlight of the campaign. The PR articles played a central role in arousing curiosity and desire to attend the seminar. e-DMs, advertisements, and banners provided instructions on how to register and participate in the event.


This stage featured a press conference and the actual sharing event by Dale Carnegie. Media representatives were invited to maximize coverage for subsequent PR articles.


PR articles highlighting the success stories of event attendees and their heartwarming experiences were published in newspapers and magazines.

Public Relations

The primary PR channel for the campaign was "Doanh Nhân Sài Gòn," with 40,000 print copies, reaching 120,000 readers. It covered 70% of the southern region and 20% of the northern region, with one article published every week.

AVC Edelman was responsible for editorial articles, while JWT handled advertorials. Additionally, 15-20 journalists from business, lifestyle, and technology segments attended the event. AVC prepared the Press Kit for the sharing session.

Social Media

To boost awareness, Nokia leveraged Facebook by creating a group named "Open Mail, Open Vision" and hosted discussions on the following topics:

  • Purpose and information about Dale Carnegie's seminar.

  • The significance of understanding and winning people's hearts.

  • The secrets to winning people's hearts and the importance of staying connected regularly.

  • How E-series offers email and connects users with friends.



Dale Carnegie's sharing event, held on September 19, 2009, in Ho Chi Minh City, and September 20, 2009, in Hanoi, was a treasure trove of valuable insights that enriched the attendees' journey towards personal success. Beyond just promoting the Nokia E-series, the event aimed for loftier goals - fostering companionship and sharing the challenges and reflections on work and life with customers.


Dale Carnegie's sharing event, author of the best-selling "How to Win Friends and Influence People," not only brought profound life lessons but also served as the perfect conduit to showcase the core benefits of Nokia E-series - Nokia's Mobile Messaging Solution.

Nokia E-series chose the path of "replicating" the success of others and hoped that this would be the shortest route to winning the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

The "Đắc Nhân Tâm" campaign by Nokia was a resounding success, connecting emotionally with consumers and strengthening the brand's position in the Vietnamese market. By seamlessly integrating Dale Carnegie's timeless wisdom with the innovative Nokia E-series, the campaign touched hearts and sparked a passion for Nokia's mobile messaging solutions.


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