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Friso - Elevating Parenthood: A Comprehensive Online Acquisition Success Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of parenting, understanding and addressing the concerns of mothers at different stages of their journey is crucial. Friso, a trusted name in infant nutrition, embarked on a groundbreaking online acquisition campaign tailored to modern moms. This article dives into the strategic brilliance that made this campaign an industry game-changer.

Campaign Insights

Friso's ingenious approach was to provide personalized care packages for moms, precisely attuned to their unique needs at distinct parenting phases. The campaign's debut in April was monumental, as it pioneered online acquisition in the infant toddler milk category, effectively drawing in new Friso consumers.

Context and Challenges

The infant toddler milk category faced challenges due to economic downturns, particularly in the premium segment. With key competitors rapidly expanding investments and innovative communication strategies, Friso's position was at stake. Moreover, stringent regulations forbidding formula milk advertising to kids under 2 complicated Friso's marketing objectives.

Audience and Objectives

Friso's focus lay on modern mothers - those pregnant and raising kids aged 0 to 6 years. These educated, independent women prioritize progressive parenting, actively seeking information for their children's health and development. They exhibit high mobile usage, with an impressive 97% mobile penetration and 43% smartphone ownership.


Recognizing that mobile generates 60% of total search queries and 47% of Facebook traffic, Friso launched a campaign centered on mobile acquisition. This strategy aimed to recruit, retain, and convert consumers into devoted Friso users.

Execution and Tactics

Advanced Consumer Segmentation

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques like Look-a-like modeling and re-targeting, Friso identified distinct consumer groups: pregnant women and mothers with 2-3-year-old children. This data-driven approach enabled them to deploy laser-focused digital campaigns.

Multi-channel Approach

Friso's campaign spanned various digital channels - Search, Social, Email marketing, and Contextually served Display banners. Each channel was carefully optimized, targeting the right consumers with compelling calls to action.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

The landing page was meticulously designed for mobile devices, simplifying data capture and enhancing user experience. A crucial feature allowed users to self-select their audience category, streamlining their journey towards becoming Friso customers.

Social Engagement

An ever-present social campaign on Facebook, reaching 60% of the target audience, coupled with well-crafted messaging, enticed users to provide details. Tailored call-to-action banners on high-traffic mobile websites ensured only the most relevant leads were driven to the website.

Results and Impact

The campaign's outcomes were resounding: the milk category grew 64% in YTD Q2 15 compared to Q1’14, outpacing the industry's mere 6% growth. Competitors' weighty investments resulted in heightened competition, yet Friso's strategic moves propelled its market share.

Data-Driven Success

With 37% of digital expenditure allocated to mobile, a whopping 65% of total registrations were acquired through this channel. Impressively, the cost per registration on mobile was just 33% of the total online cost per registration. Furthermore, 20% of acquired mobile users converted into dedicated Friso consumers.

Elevated Market Share

The campaign contributed to Friso's market share escalating from 9 points to 10 points within a mere four months. This achievement marked a significant milestone in the brand's journey to engage and retain consumers effectively.

Friso's online acquisition campaign stands as a beacon of strategic brilliance in the parenting landscape. By catering to the unique needs of modern mothers, leveraging advanced targeting technologies, and embracing a multi-channel approach, Friso achieved remarkable results. The campaign's success not only solidified Friso's position but also emphasized the power of data-driven, personalized strategies in the digital age.


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