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AXE's Search for the Second Vietnamese Astronaut: Making Extraordinary Dreams Come True

Since childhood, countless individuals have dreamt of flying into space. However, venturing into the vast expanse of the universe requires strict physical requirements, specialized expertise, and, notably, substantial financial investment, making it nearly unattainable for most Vietnamese citizens. Recognizing the extraordinary nature of space travel, AXE launched the program "Search for the Second Vietnamese Astronaut," offering a chance for ordinary people to achieve something extraordinary through a simple participation process on the website With its user-friendly approach and priceless rewards, the program garnered enthusiastic support and participation from numerous young individuals.


The Axe Apollo product line was specifically crafted to help men exude a captivating and irresistible masculine fragrance, akin to that of an astronaut exploring the unknown.


To ensure maximum visibility, AXE implemented an extensive digital marketing campaign encompassing various channels, including:

  • YouTube: Engaging and informative videos were created to showcase the program, its participants, and the journey towards space.

  • Facebook: The program's official Facebook page served as a hub for updates, discussions, and sharing exciting content related to the search for the second Vietnamese astronaut.

  • Banner Ads: Eye-catching banners were strategically placed on relevant websites, attracting the attention of potential participants and space enthusiasts.

  • PR Articles: Press releases and articles were disseminated across popular online platforms, generating buzz and curiosity among the target audience.


The program kicked off on May 14, 2013, encompassing three stages of challenges designed to identify the individual who would join the prestigious ranks of Vietnamese astronauts. The announcement of the selected participants set to embark on the space voyage was scheduled for December 2013.

General Qualification Round: Participants were encouraged to register and become part of the AXE Apollo Space Academy. In addition, they were urged to gather support from their friends and acquaintances through votes. Out of the top 100 participants with the highest number of votes, 50 would advance to the next round.

National Challenge Round: The 100 participants who qualified from the previous round underwent two main challenges. Firstly, they faced a comprehensive Physical Fitness Test to assess their endurance and suitability for the demanding conditions of space travel. Secondly, they experienced a Special Challenge, which was captured and showcased in a captivating Reality TV program. The participant who stood out as the most exceptional would be granted the opportunity to attend the prestigious Global Space Training Camp.

Global Space Training Camp: The chosen representative from Vietnam would undertake a series of rigorous challenges at the AASA Global Space Training Camp located in the United States. These tests evaluated their adaptability, problem-solving skills, and mental resilience, preparing them for the upcoming journey into space as part of an international astronaut crew.


Once the international astronaut crew completed their intensive training, they would embark on an awe-inspiring journey into the depths of outer space, representing their respective countries and the spirit of human exploration.

Execution: On April 3, 2013, Vietnamworks published a fascinating job advertisement seeking individuals who aspired to become astronauts. The advertisement's simplicity and intriguing requirements, such as being a Vietnamese citizen, willingness to work far from home on Earth, adaptability to an international working environment, and age range of 18 to 35, sparked curiosity and speculation among the online community. The ad quickly spread across prominent online news platforms, including Zing, Dân Trí, Vnexpress, Vietnamnet, Ngôi Sao, further fueling discussions and skepticism about its authenticity.

To clarify the program's legitimacy, Unilever, the organizing entity behind AXE, held a press conference on April 15, 2013. The conference confirmed Unilever's involvement and introduced Phạm Tuân, the first Vietnamese astronaut, as the ambassador for the program. The endorsement from a reputable company and an esteemed individual provided credibility, transforming the program into a captivating topic widely covered by numerous media outlets.

In addition to extensive media coverage, banners promoting the program appeared on various websites and forums such as vozforums, haivl, zing, among others. While the program garnered significant attention in the form of news articles and banners, the discussion threads and related topics on forums only accumulated around 20 comments, indicating a desire for further engagement.

Result: The program attracted over 20,000 enthusiastic candidates during its six-month campaign, ultimately culminating in the discovery of the second Vietnamese astronaut set to embark on an extraordinary journey into space: Vũ Thành Long. AXE successfully transformed the dreams of countless individuals into a tangible reality, demonstrating its commitment to making the extraordinary accessible to ordinary people.


AXE's ambitious endeavor to search for the second Vietnamese astronaut captivated the imaginations of aspiring individuals across the nation. Through a well-executed digital marketing campaign utilizing diverse channels, AXE generated buzz, excitement, and engagement among young participants. By offering an opportunity to achieve the extraordinary, AXE established itself as a brand that evokes the allure and magnetism of astronauts, captivating the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese public.


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