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The Powerful Impact of P&G's Thank You, Mom Campaign: A Case Study

In an unlikely pairing, Procter & Gamble (P&G) emerged as a prominent sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics. Despite the perceived disconnect between sports and P&G's product lines, the company successfully conveyed a powerful and emotional message: "Behind every sports star lies the presence of an extraordinary mother." This case study delves into P&G's strategy and execution of the "Thank you, Mom" campaign, exploring the channels utilized and the remarkable results achieved.

Building a Meaningful and Emotional Message

P&G recognized that crafting a meaningful and emotionally charged message would differentiate their brand more effectively than conventional advertising efforts. They developed captivating stories depicting the miracles and challenges experienced by mothers of athletes, and disseminated these touching narratives to resonate with a wide audience.

Utilizing Key Channels

To amplify their campaign's reach, P&G leveraged two primary channels: a dedicated Fanpage and YouTube.

Fanpage: P&G created a fan page to facilitate exchanges and sharing of parenting experiences among mothers. It served as a platform for children to express their heartfelt gratitude to their beloved mothers.

YouTube: P&G produced compelling videos showcasing the stories of mothers who nurtured sporting stars. Through gentle cinematography and evocative music, these clips evoked strong emotions in viewers. The videos were uploaded on YouTube and quickly went viral within the online community.

Strategic Execution

P&G implemented various initiatives to execute their campaign effectively:

Collaboration with Mexican TV

In Mexico, P&G partnered with a local television network to produce an extended program spanning five months. This program aimed to captivate mothers who watched morning TV shows or had an interest in long-format programs, focusing on the Olympics in general and P&G specifically. The network aired the top 24 stories from the campaign on their "TV's Top Sunday Sports" segment throughout the Olympic period. Additionally, P&G pledged to award a house to the story that received the highest number of votes: "A mother who accompanies every step and milestone in her child's life."

Partnerships in Poland and Central Europe

P&G collaborated with prominent partners in Poland and Central Europe to introduce a sports-themed event for children organized by the company. They used the event activities as valuable material to promote memorable moments between mothers and children, aiming to enhance community interaction on social media platforms.

Viral Clip in Vietnam

P&G's campaign also gained significant traction in Vietnam, with a viral clip generating widespread response and engagement from the online community.

Impressive Results

P&G's "Thank you, Mom" campaign exceeded expectations and achieved remarkable outcomes:

Mexico: The heartfelt message resonated strongly with celebrities and TV hosts in Mexico, who enthusiastically participated by expressing gratitude to their mothers. As a result, P&G earned substantial free marketing exposure. They generated nearly 20,000 stories about mothers, leading to an eightfold increase in brand awareness in Mexico. The TV campaign's return on investment (ROI) reached an impressive 60%.

Poland and Central Europe: P&G's brand recognition reached an all-time high of 42%, surpassing competitors such as L'Oreal (20%), Henkel (34%), and Unilever (12%). Online sales experienced an unprecedented surge of 320%.

China: The campaign attracted 25 million participants, and the ROI for three out of five partners reached an impressive 5.2:1. Consequently, P&G solidified its brand image in the minds of customers.


Through its "Thank you, Mom" campaign, P&G exemplified the power of emotional messaging and storytelling. By focusingon the pivotal role of mothers in athletes' lives, P&G successfully established a deep emotional connection with audiences. The utilization of channels such as a dedicated fan page and YouTube, coupled with strategic collaborations and engaging content, resulted in widespread brand recognition and impressive returns on investment. P&G's case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of meaningful and emotionally resonant marketing campaigns in creating lasting brand impressions.


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