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Boosting Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement: A Successful Case Study of Monte Milk Cream

In this case study, we delve into the success story of Monte Milk Cream, an imported product from Germany. With three enticing flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, and Drink, Monte Milk Cream, distributed by Delys Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company, has emerged as a leading brand in the Vietnamese market. However, despite its positive brand recognition, Monte faced challenges in online communication, customer relationship building, and market competition. This article explores how a strategic digital marketing campaign on their fan page effectively addressed these issues, resulting in increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and a significant boost in sales.

Understanding the Challenge

Monte Milk Cream recognized the need to enhance their online presence and establish strong customer relationships. While their brand was well-regarded, their online communication efforts were lacking, and they faced fierce competition in the market. The target audience for Monte Milk Cream was identified as mothers with children aged 6-10 years. The campaign's objectives were to reinforce brand recognition and foster customer loyalty.

mẹ cho con ăn váng sữa
The target audience was identified as mothers with children aged 6-10 years

Leveraging the Fanpage

To address the challenges, Monte Milk Cream established a dedicated fan page, "Váng sữa Monte," on Facebook. This platform served as a central hub for their digital marketing campaign. By leveraging the vast reach of Facebook, they aimed to engage their target audience effectively.

fanpage monte
Fanpage "Váng Sữa Monte" is the official channel of Monte brand on Facebook

Strategic Execution

The fan page "Váng sữa Monte" was created, and a well-planned execution strategy was implemented. The campaign included weekly interactive and informative posts tailored to resonate with mothers. These posts offered valuable insights, tips, and advice related to parenting and nutrition. By providing relevant content, Monte Milk Cream aimed to position itself as an authoritative source of information and establish trust with their audience.

Additionally, they regularly updated the fanpage with exclusive offers and discounts to incentivize customer interaction. This approach encouraged customers to actively engage with the brand, fostering a sense of loyalty and preference.

To further enhance customer engagement, Monte Milk Cream organized mini-games on the fan page. These interactive activities not only entertained the audience but also provided an opportunity for participants to win exciting prizes and share their experiences.

Mini-contests are held to increase the interaction between Facebook users and Fanpage

Measurable Results

The strategic digital marketing campaign on the fan page "Váng sữa Monte" yielded remarkable results. Within a span of 70 days, the fan page garnered an impressive 10,000 followers on Facebook. Each post had a remarkable 4% share rate, indicating the campaign's ability to reach a wider audience.

The engagement rate for each post stood at an impressive 9.24%, reflecting the success of the content strategy in capturing the attention and interest of the target audience.

The campaign's impact was further demonstrated by the highest number of fans reached, which peaked at 200,000 individuals. This increase in brand exposure and engagement translated into a substantial 30% growth in sales for Monte Milk Cream, as reported by Mix Digital.


Through a well-executed digital marketing campaign on their Facebook fan page, Monte Milk Cream successfully addressed its challenges of weak online communication and customer relationship building. By consistently sharing valuable and interactive content, offering exclusive discounts, and organizing engaging mini-games, Monte fostered strong brand recognition, increased customer engagement, and ultimately achieved significant sales growth. This case study serves as a valuable example for businesses seeking to leverage social media platforms effectively to enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty.


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