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How Vinamilk's Creative Campaign "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính" Stirred Things Up

Vinamilk's "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính" campaign took an innovative approach by targeting the youth with a product traditionally associated with adults. Departing from the 'safe' route, this campaign marked a fresh direction for Ngôi Sao Phương Nam, a brand under Vinamilk.


Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the demand for coffee with milk in Vietnam. Cafes offering take-away services have sprouted everywhere. What used to be a beverage primarily consumed by adults, particularly men, has become increasingly popular among young people, especially office-going women.

While dominating the condensed milk market with 80% market share, Vinamilk aimed to differentiate the two condensed milk brands they offered: Sữa Ông Thọ for baking and desserts, and Creamer Ngôi Sao Phương Nam for coffee.


Vinamilk sought to establish Ngôi Sao Phương Nam as the go-to brand for coffee lovers, specifically separating it from their other condensed milk brand, Sữa Ông Thọ. Additionally, they aimed to increase the appeal of Ngôi Sao Phương Nam among young consumers, primarily females aged 25 to 35.


In the realm of love, people often think of couples. However, on social media, discussions and interactions regarding this topic are most active among singles (FA – độc thân). This is particularly true during romantic seasons like Valentine's Day when 'pickup lines' trend, and young women look for unique ways to express themselves.


Building on the Brand Essence of "sự hòa quyện đắm say" (the blissful blending), Ngôi Sao Phương Nam consistently utilized the 'Love' platform in its brand communications. In 2016, they produced the MV "Sau Tất Cả" (After All) for Ngôi Sao Phương Nam, but it didn't achieve the desired success. The brand needed a new, unique, and attention-grabbing concept, straying from the 'safe' zone while ensuring no negative consequences.

Creative Idea

Ly Cafe Sữa Thính – Brewing Love that Blends Perfectly

Understanding the trend of "pickup lines" among young singles during the love season, combined with their established 'Love' platform, Ngôi Sao Phương Nam came up with the concept: "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính – Brewing Love that Blends Perfectly."


The campaign unfolded in three stages:

  • Teaser: Before the official release, teaser images of Bích Phương, the featured singer, were shared to create anticipation. The message was: "Bích Phương returns with a new MV – Is it 'When Will You Get Married 2?'"

  • MV Launch: The MV was released on February 6th, accompanied by online PR and social media interactions. A set of 'Cafe Sữa Thính Menu' illustrations was introduced by Bích Phương in a live stream video and shared on Vinamilk's fan page to engage with young audiences.

  • Sustaining the Momentum: The campaign continued beyond Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year, particularly focusing on International Women's Day (March 8th).


The MV "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính" delivered a delightful story about a playful, cheerful girl using 'pickup lines' to win the heart of her stoic boss. The climax of the MV is when Bích Phương asks her boss the ultimate question: "In a regular cup of coffee with milk, do you pour milk into coffee, or coffee into milk?"


The campaign's key performance indicator (KPI) was set at 30 million MV views, which was quickly achieved in just over two months after the MV's release.

This impressive viewership earned the MV "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính" a spot in the Top 10 most-viewed Tet (Lunar New Year) 2018 ads on YouTube.

In addition to the numerical success, the brand and agency successfully portrayed the product's consistent presence throughout the MV without making it seem like an overt advertisement. This allowed viewers to enjoy "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính" as an MV rather than just an ad.

Vinamilk's "Ly Cafe Sữa Thính" campaign, with its clever approach and understanding of youth culture, proved that creativity can breathe new life into traditional products and capture the hearts of a younger audience.


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