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Vinacafe's Heartfelt Campaign: Bridging Generations and Love

In 2015, Vinacafé, a renowned Vietnamese coffee brand, launched an exceptional campaign titled "Yêu Thương Thành Lời" (Love Turns into Words) during the Lunar New Year (Tết). This campaign managed to capture the hearts of Vietnamese consumers, achieving unprecedented success and becoming a beacon of creativity and emotional connection in the advertising world.

Campaign Overview

Though a newcomer to the Tết advertising scene, Vinacafé's "Yêu Thương Thành Lời" campaign was recognized by YouTube as the "Most Successful Ad Campaign of Tết 2015 in Vietnam." It garnered the highest view count among Tết-related videos and consistently appeared on YouTube's Trend Dashboard for categories like Most Viewed, Most Shared, and Most Popular.

The campaign's success was built on a well-crafted strategy founded on a valuable consumer insight, making it a remarkable accomplishment rather than a mere surprise.


Following the success of the Vinacafé Heritage project in 2014, which emphasized the brand's heritage as a Vietnamese coffee brand, Vinacafé realized that it needed to engage a younger demographic that was not yet aligned with the brand. Tapping into the sentimentality and importance of family relationships during Tết, Vinacafé aimed to become the top-of-mind coffee brand associated with the holiday.


The campaign aimed to resonate with young individuals aged 18-25 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, who valued family bonds and sought meaningful gifts for their parents during Tết. The campaign sought to address the unspoken love between children and parents, exploring the struggle of expressing affection.


The campaign unfolded through three phases:

  • Viral Clip - Overcoming Shyness in Expressing Love: A humorous viral clip featuring famous young Vietnamese personalities attempting to confess their feelings to their parents while facing awkward situations and reactions. This clip raised questions about when and why parents and children become distant in expressing love.

  • TVC - Vinacafé Helps Overcome Shyness: A TV commercial showcased the struggles of young people trying to express their feelings to their parents. The commercial introduced Vinacafé's Tết gift box and "Cốc yêu thương" (Cup of Love), which allowed children to express their emotions through thoughtful messages on coffee cups.

  • PR Clip - Say "I Love You" While You Still Can: A moving clip featuring real stories and characters highlighted the meaningful moments shared between generations. The clip evoked strong emotions and achieved high viewer engagement.

Creative Idea

The campaign's creative idea revolved around the concept of "Cup of Love." Vinacafé's Tết gift box included coffee cups with heartfelt messages from children to their parents. These messages were written in a language familiar to the younger generation, enabling them to express their emotions more comfortably.

Results and Achievements

The campaign exceeded expectations in terms of reach and impact:

  • All 500,000 gift boxes were sold during Tết 2015.

  • The campaign's Facebook page reached 24 million people, with over 2.5 million interactions.

  • Media coverage included 230 articles, of which more than 80% were earned media.

  • All branded clips appeared on YouTube Trend Dashboards and received over 8 million views.

  • The campaign earned prestigious awards, including Gold, Silver, and Best Brand Communications titles.


Vinacafé's "Yêu Thương Thành Lời" campaign successfully bridged the gap between generations, highlighting the importance of expressing love and appreciation. Through viral clips, TV commercials, and PR content, the campaign touched the hearts of Vietnamese consumers and earned recognition for its emotional resonance and creative approach. This campaign serves as a prime example of how a brand can connect deeply with its audience by addressing universal emotions and values.


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