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KitKat's Take a Day Off For Love Campaign: A Journey of Indulgence and Connection

Valentine's Day is a highly anticipated occasion when young people in Vietnam eagerly plan unique surprises for their loved ones. As this holiday gains popularity in Vietnam, especially among the youth, Kit Kat, a new player in the confectionery market, sought to establish stronger connections with consumers. This case study explores how Kit Kat successfully executed a digital campaign during Valentine's Day, encouraging young people to "Take a day off for love" in their own unique way, while staying true to the brand's iconic slogan, "Have a break."

Increasing Brand Awareness

One of Kit Kat's objectives was to enhance consumer awareness of their brand. Leveraging the 50-year-old advertising slogan, "Have a break, have a Kit Kat," which has become deeply ingrained in popular culture, the company aimed to strengthen its association with Valentine's Day. In 2014, Kit Kat collaborated with JWT Vietnam to encourage people to "take a day off for love" and spend quality time with their loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Campaign Execution

PR and Viral Clip

To kickstart the campaign, Kit Kat released a viral clip titled "Dừng một ngày để yêu" (Take a Day Off for Love) in Vietnamese and "Have a break for love" in English. The video, uploaded to YouTube and shared on Kit Kat's Facebook fan page, was unveiled three weeks prior to Valentine's Day. The accompanying song, "Dừng một ngày để yêu," became a hit and garnered significant attention during the Valentine's season, with many young people creating their covers. Additionally, the video was broadcasted for free on the YanTV channel.

Social Media Engagement

Kit Kat created a dedicated Facebook fan page, Kit Kat Vietnam, for this campaign, marking its first official presence in the Vietnamese market. The fan page served as an inspirational platform for thousands of Kit Kat fans, where they could share their Valentine's Day plans and even request time off from work for this special occasion. Kit Kat organized a mini-game with the hashtag #dungmotngaydeyeu (Take a Day Off for Love), offering fans a chance to win exciting prizes such as movie tickets and unique Valentine's Day-themed shirts.


The 2014 Valentine's Day campaign proved to be a digital success for Kit Kat, achieving impressive results:

  • The "Dừng một ngày để yêu" video reached nearly 1,700,000 views on YouTube.

  • Within six weeks of the campaign's launch, Kit Kat's revenue doubled compared to 2013 and surpassed that of 2012.

  • The Facebook fan base experienced a remarkable growth rate of 113%.

  • The social media reach generated a value of $70,000, while the actual campaign cost was only $20,000, resulting in a remarkable 350% return on investment (ROI).


Through its well-executed digital campaign, Kit Kat successfully increased brand awareness and fostered a deeper connection with consumers during the Valentine's Day season. By encouraging people to "Take a day off for love" in their own unique way, Kit Kat demonstrated its commitment to providing not only delicious treats but also valuable experiences. The campaign's outstanding results validate Kit Kat's effective use of digital channels and its ability to resonate with the target audience, further establishing Kit Kat as a beloved brand among the Vietnamese youth.


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