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Marabou Chocolate Campaign: Redefining Special Occasions with Creative Branding

Marabou, a renowned Swedish chocolate brand established in 1919, has made its mark in the Danish market, particularly in Denmark, with its dominant market share. However, due to the general economic conditions, chocolates were often perceived as luxury items, purchased only on special occasions. To address this challenge, Marabou embarked on a creative campaign to reshape the perception of chocolates and emphasize their role in everyday moments. This article explores the successful case study of Marabou's innovative marketing campaign in Denmark, highlighting its execution, channels, and remarkable results.

Marabou Execution

Marabou's campaign was characterized by its unique approach to the "P" in the marketing mix (4Ps), with a particular focus on product packaging. The brand retained the quality of its chocolate bars but introduced a captivating element: personalized names. Over 6000 chocolate bars were given distinctive names like "sorry I am late chocolate," "I've done my homework chocolate," and "just eat a little chocolate," which were tied to ordinary moments in people's daily lives. By associating each chocolate bar with an everyday occasion, Marabou aimed to communicate that chocolate itself could create special moments, rather than relying solely on traditional special occasions.

To further enhance the personalized experience, Marabou equipped its stores with photo printers. Customers could request specific names for their chocolate bars, which were then printed and attached to the packaging, adding an extra touch of customization and making the experience even more memorable.


Marabou utilized various channels to effectively reach its target audience and generate buzz around the campaign:

Social Media: Leveraging the power of platforms like Facebook, Marabou shared engaging content related to the campaign. By actively participating in conversations, responding to comments, and encouraging user-generated content, the brand created a vibrant online community and fostered brand loyalty.

Billboards: Eye-catching billboards featuring the personalized chocolate names were strategically placed in high-traffic areas. The visually appealing and relatable messages captured the attention of passersby and reinforced the campaign's central idea.

PR Efforts: Marabou collaborated with media outlets and influencers to generate extensive coverage of the campaign. Advertorials and articles in major Danish newspapers and magazines further amplified the brand's message and created a widespread buzz.

Free Samples: Marabou distributed free samples of their personalized chocolates at various events, allowing potential customers to experience the unique concept firsthand. This sampling strategy helped generate curiosity and word-of-mouth promotion.

Banner Ads: Online banner advertisements were strategically placed on websites catering to Marabou's target audience. These ads effectively communicated the campaign's message and directed users to the brand's website or social media channels.

Google Display Ads: Utilizing Google's display advertising network, Marabou targeted relevant keywords and websites to reach a wider audience. These ads appeared across various platforms, increasing the brand's visibility and attracting potential customers.


Marabou's creative campaign yielded impressive results, surpassing expectations and solidifying its position in the Danish market:

Sales Increase: The campaign successfully boosted Marabou's sales by 24%. The innovative approach and personalized experience resonated with consumers, driving higher purchase intent and increasing overall demand for Marabou chocolates.

Earned Media: The campaign garnered over 2 million earned media impressions. News outlets, bloggers, and social media users eagerly shared the unique concept, generating widespread attention and conversation around Marabou's brand and products.

Extensive Coverage: Marabou's campaign received coverage in more than 200,000 articles across Danish publications. The media embraced the creative and relatable approach, further amplifying the campaign's reach and impact.

Increased Facebook Engagement: The campaign led to a remarkable 25% growth in Facebook engagement. The interactive nature of the campaign, coupled with the personalized experience, encouraged users to actively participate, share their stories, and engage with Marabou's social media content.

In summary, Marabou's innovative campaign successfully redefined the perception of chocolates in Denmark, emphasizing their significance in everyday moments. By introducing personalized names and tying them to ordinary occasions, Marabou created a strong emotional connection with its target audience. Through strategic channel selection, including social media, billboards, PR efforts, free samples, banner ads, and Google Display Ads, Marabou effectively communicated its message, generating widespread awareness and engagement. The campaign's exceptional results, including increased sales, earned media coverage, and enhanced Facebook engagement, serve as a testament to the power of creative branding and customer-centric experiences.

As the campaign continues to captivate consumers, Marabou stands as a prime example of how a brand can revitalize its market presence and inspire meaningful connections through innovative marketing strategies.


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