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Sunlight - Redefining Gender Roles with "Sunlight For Men"

In an evolving world, where women like Hillary Clinton run for the US presidency in 2016 and media queen Oprah Winfrey hosts successful TV shows, gender roles are shifting. More and more men are embracing household responsibilities. This shift has led to a change in how the younger generation perceives household chores.


Sunlight has long been a reputable dishwashing brand in Vietnam, targeting millennials aged 25-45. However, connecting with this 35% of Vietnam's population posed a challenge for Sunlight.

Recognizing the progressive thinking of millennials regarding household chores, Sunlight decided to take a bold step by challenging the traditional notion that household chores are exclusively a woman's duty. Sunlight cleverly conveyed this message with the open-ended question, "Whose responsibility is household chores?". The campaign, launched in late 2018, used a unique, humorous, and modern approach that resonated strongly with the online community.


Sunlight had a deep understanding of both men and women's perspectives on household chores. Traditionally, Vietnamese women accepted housework as their essential duty, while men were hesitant to engage in tasks like dishwashing for fear of being perceived as less masculine. Even if they helped their wives, men often hesitated to let their friends know about it.


With the consistent message "Housework is not the sole responsibility of anyone," Sunlight aimed to emphasize that household chores should be shared by all family members, including men. This approach aimed to make women appreciate and support Sunlight for encouraging men and other family members to understand and share household responsibilities.

Creative Idea

Introducing "Sunlight For Men," dishwashing liquid shaped like a dumbbell, which became the key asset of the entire campaign. This unique dumbbell shape symbolized the significant energy required for dishwashing. Washing dishes can burn up to 1,200 calories per week, equivalent to running 20 rounds of a football field.


The message, "Housework is not the sole responsibility of anyone," was conveyed through three main channels: Disruptive Clip, Social Media, and PR, divided into two phases.

Phase 1: Creating buzz around Sunlight For Men (SLFM) with concise, single-minded messages.

Phase 2: Encouraging action for the message, "Housework is not the sole responsibility of anyone."

Content Video

A 6-second Bumper Clip with the single message, "Thought there were no men, but men like this exist," left a strong impression. The short clip sparked curiosity and surprised the audience with SLFM's dumbbell shape, generating widespread discussion.

Digital Media

Sunlight For Men shared the message, "Housework is not the sole responsibility of anyone," and featured a charming, white-shirted "heartthrob" image. Two different Digital Videos emphasized the same message creatively.

Social Engagement

Phase 1

  • Influencers on Social Media/KOL Endorsements: SLFM received immediate recognition from celebrities like Công Vinh - Thủy Tiên, Bùi Tiến Dũng, Trần Đình Trọng, Karik, Kiên Hoàng, Phạm Thu Trang (Trang Lou), and Tùng Sơn Nguyễn through live streams and creative photoshoots.

Phase 2

  • Sunlight Challenge Photo Contest: Encouraged people to share heartwarming family moments through photos of washing dishes with loved ones and SLFM for a chance to win a trip to Singapore. This contest unexpectedly created a meaningful album of shared family moments that reflected the contest's slogan, "Washing dishes together, traveling to Singapore together."


Phase 1

SLFM naturally appeared on reputable news sites like Afamily, kenh14, and Dantri, summarizing the vibrant community activities.

Phase 2

In this stage, PR analyzed public reactions to men doing dishes through articles on news portals such as, Afamily, and kenh14.


The success of the SLFM campaign lies in the high-quality and content-rich interactions: 47,000 organic interactions and nearly 6,000 discussions sharing deep emotions and thoughts. This enthusiastic response demonstrates Sunlight's ability to influence community perspectives on pressing social issues, such as household chores.

By ingeniously applying two creative advertising methods—creating a new product (Create a Product) and using it to address a social issue (Fight for a cause)—Sunlight Vietnam deepened customer trust in a highly competitive market. Choosing the less-traveled path, Sunlight achieved unexpected results. If Sunlight's 2017 campaign, "Housework can wait," made waves in the market, 2018 elevated it to "Housework is not the sole responsibility of anyone" with a unique expression. With a strong presence, Sunlight promises to bring more surprising breakthroughs and continues to stand by women in both spirit and practice regarding household chores.


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