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PNJ Case Study: Create Lasting Moments with the 'Memorable Life' Valentine's Day Campaign

In Vietnam, a staggering 90% of wives have never experienced the cherished moment of a marriage proposal, leaving only 10% with a lifelong memory they will never forget. This case study explores how PNJ, a prominent jewelry brand, capitalized on customer insights and successfully captured the essence of love, connection, and understanding in their Valentine's Day campaign, "Memorable Life - Sharing Precious Moments".

Launching the MV "Trao nhau khoảnh khắc – Ghi dấu một đời" (Memorable Life - Sharing Precious Moments)

PNJ kicked off their campaign by releasing the MV "Trao nhau khoảnh khắc – Ghi dấu một đời" (Memorable Life - Sharing Precious Moments), aimed at delivering a meaningful message about love, connection, and understanding to millions of Vietnamese viewers. The video showcases heartwarming scenes and emphasizes the importance of capturing and cherishing key moments, particularly marriage proposals, as an integral part of a couple's journey. The MV has garnered immense popularity, with over 3 million views on YouTube and nearly 1 million views on their fan page. Viewers have expressed agreement and shared their personal stories, highlighting the resonance of the campaign.

Skillful Appearance in "Em đồng ý" (I Do) MV by "Valentine's Prince" Duc Phuc

To further enhance their campaign, PNJ strategically appeared in the music video for the song "I Do," released by popular Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc. The video portrays various couples of different ages and generations, showcasing their joyous moments from courtship to heartfelt marriage proposals and dream weddings. PNJ tactfully and subtly made its presence felt during these proposal moments, understanding the significance and emotional impact they hold for individuals. This collaboration created additional exposure for PNJ and strengthened the message of their campaign.

Happy tears, radiant smiles, broken emotions, marriage proposals always leave a special impression in each of us.
Happy tears, radiant smiles, broken emotions, marriage proposals always leave a special impression in each of us.

Collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and the "Share Your Memorable Life Moment" Contest

Recognizing the profound meaning behind marriage proposals, PNJ initiated the "Share Your Memorable Life Moment" contest. This contest aimed to preserve and spread happiness by encouraging participants to share their unforgettable proposal stories. One notable entry came from the famous Cam Cam family - Loan Hoang (Heominhon) & Kien Hoang. By involving key opinion leaders and influencers in the contest, PNJ expanded the reach of their campaign and generated significant engagement and participation from couples who wanted to share their special moments.

Introducing Various Promotional Programs

PNJ went beyond captivating videos and contests by offering various promotional programs for Valentine's Day. They provided special bracelets for the first 1,000 couples to make a purchase, collaborated with partner brand BITI'S to offer attractive deals, and gave away exclusive charms. These promotional programs not only increased customer engagement but also aligned with the core message of the campaign, enhancing the overall Valentine's Day experience for PNJ's audience.


PNJ's "Memorable Life - Sharing Precious Moments" campaign stands out as a prominent brand in the 2023 Valentine's Day communication landscape. By leveraging emotional connections and emphasizing the importance of treasuring significant life moments, PNJ successfully captured the hearts of their audience. Through their MV, collaborations, contests, and promotional programs, PNJ created a memorable and meaningful campaign that resonated with viewers. Their commitment to understanding and celebrating love, connection, and understanding positioned PNJ as a leading brand in the jewelry industry during Valentine's Day.


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