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Lotte Toppo's "Triệu hồi Goodmood" Campaign: A Case Study in Brand Repositioning

Lotte's "Toppo – Triệu hồi good mood" campaign represents a commendable effort to reposition its brand and strengthen its connection with a potential customer group, Gen Z. Through insightful understanding, a multi-faceted approach, and a revamped product, the campaign successfully garnered attention and spread within the young consumer community.


In the competitive snack market, the sub-category of pretzel sticks lacks a standout brand. Brands like Toppo, Pocky, Yanyan, and Gap struggle with clear positioning and are often mistaken for products intended for children. In response to this challenge, Toppo, a prominent Japanese brand, decided to rebrand itself and connect with the emerging Gen Z demographic.


  • Increase brand awareness for Toppo's pretzel sticks with new packaging.

  • Boost product trials during the summer months (June to September).


Teenagers are highly sensitive to their emotions (mood), often feeling down for various reasons. They seek quick escapes from negative thoughts and want to regain cheerfulness swiftly. However, they struggle to share their feelings with others and lack effective strategies to overcome bad moods.


Toppo established a brand platform to clearly convey its identity as a "mood booster," addressing the insight visually and solidifying its positioning in the minds of the target audience. The product was improved with a "Double Flavor" option, offering Vanilla Chocolate and Cocoa Chocolate, to enhance the "Mood Booster" positioning.

All of this was encapsulated in the enchanting phrase, "Toppo - Triệu Hồi Good Mood," complemented by the distinctive Toppo magic wand gesture.

Creative Idea


Explanation: Each Toppo pretzel stick becomes a magic wand that can summon a good mood instantly for teenagers. So, whenever they find themselves in a "mood dip," they can automatically recite the magic phrase, wave the pretzel stick, and take a bite to uplift their mood immediately.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

The campaign's main KOL was Khánh Vy, a "polyglot hot girl" with a substantial following of over 400,000 on social media. She embodies the brand's spirit: dynamic, youthful, and positive.



A series of iTVCs was released, including "Triệu hồi Thánh Hóa," "Triệu hồi Vitamin Sea," and "Triệu hồi Thính." These videos explored common reasons for teens' mood swings, such as Love, Studies, and Friends, with a focus on the summer theme, making the campaign more engaging during the "Study-in-Summer" season.

Content Video

Vlogs featuring popular vloggers like Củ Tỏi, Trang Hý, and Hậu Hoàng were used to convey the message of "Triệu hồi Goodmood." These vloggers are well-known among Gen Z for their humorous and vibrant personalities.

Music Video

The music video "Triệu Hồi Good Mood - TOPPO" was released as the campaign's culmination. It incorporated all three iTVCs and encouraged teens to maintain a positive attitude and summon good moods quickly with Toppo.

Website & Landing Page

A dedicated landing page served as a comprehensive platform for campaign updates, featuring series iTVCs, the music video, vlogs, PR articles, and product information. The language used was tailored to resonate with teenagers, with a user-friendly interface enriched with vivid visuals.

Social Experience

Toppo conducted a 2-month-long social media campaign on Facebook, centered around the "TRIỆU HỒI GOOD MOOD CÙNG TOPPO" social experience. Participants could upload their moods using hashtags like #TrieuHoiGoodMood #Toppo, with Toppo rewarding 10 lucky players with a "Good Mood" combo at the end of each day. Over 1,200 participants joined within three weeks.


PR articles, published on teen-focused websites such as Kênh 14, Hoa Học Trò Online, Yeah1, and, revolved around the theme of "Mood Swings and the Secret to Summoning Good Moods." The articles featured KOLs to pique curiosity and reach the target audience.


In addition to digital efforts, the campaign included in-store activations to connect offline and online experiences. Promotions and in-store displays boosted product sales in supermarkets.


Through a synergy of online and offline channels, consumer understanding, and a unified "Good Mood Summoning" platform, Toppo achieved notable success:

  • Reach: Over 5 million users

  • Social Experience program attracted over 1,200 participants in three weeks

  • The music video garnered over 5 million views and nearly 15,000 interactions across all channels

  • Business results increased by almost 40% compared to the previous year

The campaign's success lies in its ability to connect with young users and establish a clear "Mood Booster" identity for Toppo. This marks a significant transformation in asserting Toppo's position in the pretzel stick market in the near future.


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