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Dulux Protecting Lighthouses: A Socially Impactful Marketing Campaign

Is it possible for a marketing campaign with a modest budget (under 2 billion VND) to simultaneously achieve social significance and showcase a product's benefits cleverly? That's precisely what Dulux, a brand under the AkzoNobel group, accomplished with its "Protecting Lighthouses" campaign. The social significance of this campaign lies in the preservation of vital national landmarks and the preservation of cultural values over time. The effectiveness it derives from the tangible product benefits over time (outdoor protective paint) serves as a testimony to the brand's enduring and noble values.


The idea of repainting lighthouses in Vietnam under the Dulux brand was born around 2014. However, due to several challenges, the brand was only able to initiate this project in 2017.


At its core, Dulux's positioning is that of the silent protector in people's lives. This campaign is entirely for the community, contributing to the protection of the nation's critical infrastructure, with lighthouses being one of the priorities.


If people genuinely see a paint brand confidently protecting a structure facing the harsh, constant weather conditions like lighthouses, they can easily believe that the product protects their homes. Protecting a lighthouse is the most compelling evidence of what Dulux can provide for people's homes.


Lighthouses are iconic structures known for their endurance over time. Guiding ships and boats through turbulent waters, lighthouses must withstand the harshest coastal weather conditions such as salty winds and constant sunlight. The brand chose lighthouses for this campaign because they believed their product could offer the best protection.

Creative Idea

Protecting Lighthouses


The process of repainting Dai Lanh lighthouse began around late 2017 and was completed by early April 2018. Following that was the preparation phase for the project's communication campaign.


Once the project to repaint Dai Lanh lighthouse received approval from state agencies, Dulux's marketing team, along with technical experts from the Research and Development department, conducted a field survey of the actual conditions at the lighthouse. This was to select a paint system capable of protecting the structure against the harshest weather conditions. They also carefully studied the lighthouse's current status and chose the most suitable paint colors from Dulux's range of over 2000 paint colors. These color options were then presented to the lighthouse management unit, which had the final say.

The process of executing the project involved over a month of transporting materials, equipment, scaffolding, and tools to the lighthouse. This was a challenging endeavor due to the difficult accessibility of the lighthouse. Safety during the execution process was a top priority. A rigorous assessment of all materials and construction equipment was carried out, with strict adherence to procedures.

Content Video

A video teaser showcasing the beauty of Dai Lanh lighthouse was released on September 3, 2018, marking the beginning of the project's communication campaign. Phase 2 of the campaign occurred approximately a week later, featuring a video depicting Dai Lanh lighthouse facing the harsh coastal weather.


The campaign was also launched on various digital platforms, including the website, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The brand collaborated with travel bloggers, such as Thien Nguyen and Hoang Le Giang, to spread the campaign.

Additionally, on Facebook, the brand conducted a vote to determine which lighthouse Dulux would protect in 2019. The lighthouse selected most by the community was Vung Tau lighthouse.


Digital KPIs:

  • 36 million impressions

  • 4.2 million video views related to the campaign

  • Dulux's sentiment score reached 0.78 points in September, a 135% increase from the previous month.


Dulux's "Protecting Lighthouses" project also garnered significant media attention.

  • Quan Doi Nhan Dan

  • Doanh Nhan Plus

  • Kien Truc Va Doi Song

  • Nhip Cau Dau Tu

Dulux's campaign to protect lighthouses effectively combined social responsibility with brand promotion, showcasing the brand's commitment to enduring values and product quality. This creative endeavor provided a meaningful example of responsible marketing, capturing the audience's attention while preserving vital national heritage.


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