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CSR Campaign - Empowering the Unemployed: A Case Study

In the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR), innovative initiatives can create meaningful impacts. This case study delves into the success story of a CSR campaign titled "Empowering the Unemployed," orchestrated by Happiness Saigon, a creative agency. The campaign not only sought to discover budding copywriters but also extend a helping hand to those in need of employment.

Campaign Details

Happiness Saigon, driven by the motto "Words Make a Difference" and guided by the principle that "Everything is media" and "Everyone is media," launched the "Empowering the Unemployed" campaign. The objective was to identify potential copywriters and assist individuals actively searching for jobs.


Despite having one of the lowest unemployment rates globally, Vietnam still faces challenges, with over 2 million people struggling to find employment. Simultaneously, the advertising and communications industry in Vietnam is booming, leading to a demand for talented copywriters.


The campaign aimed to encourage aspiring copywriters to leverage their writing skills to make a difference by crafting standout, creative job application letters. This not only showcased their abilities but also contributed to solving the contemporary employment issue. Furthermore, the campaign sought to identify and nurture promising copywriting talents to meet the human resource demands of advertising firms in Vietnam.


Not everyone searching for a job possesses the ability to craft a perfect job application letter. Young copywriters, fueled by the desire to showcase their skills and contribute to society, can bridge this gap.


Copywriters would showcase their capabilities by writing job application letters for individuals seeking employment. This approach helped job seekers connect with potential employers effectively.

Creative Idea

The campaign intertwined the search for talented copywriters with the goal of assisting job seekers.


Copywriters selected job seekers they wanted to assist by reviewing their profiles, personal information, and introductory videos on the campaign website. With no predefined structure, copywriters had the freedom to craft impressive content tailored to both the employer's preferences and the job seeker's personality.

Job seekers had the opportunity to review all application letters written for them and select the one they found most appealing. An expert panel consisting of creative and communication directors from leading advertising agencies in Vietnam evaluated the application letters.

The top 20 most talented copywriters were invited to an intensive Copywriting Training Program conducted by Happiness Saigon. This program transformed their dedication into potential career opportunities. Finally, the best-performing copywriter from the training program secured a position at Happiness Saigon.


With over 460 job application letters crafted and submitted, the campaign achieved a commendable success rate. Approximately 60% of participating unemployed individuals successfully secured employment through the program.

The Empowering the Unemployed campaign stands as a shining example of how CSR initiatives can drive positive change while fostering emerging talents in the creative industry. Happiness Saigon's commitment to both social impact and nurturing talents exemplifies the potential of businesses to make a meaningful difference in society.


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