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Close Up Sing In Your Style: Elevating Confidence Through Mobile Singing Contest

In a bid to rejuvenate its brand image and captivate the Vietnamese youth, Close Up, a leading toothpaste brand in the "Freshness" segment, embarked on a mobile-driven campaign called "SING IN YOUR STYLE with CONFIDENCE." This case study delves into how Close Up harnessed the power of mobile technology to engage the youthful demographic through a unique singing contest, resulting in heightened brand awareness, increased market share, and a more favorable brand image.

Background and Challenge

Despite its dominant brand awareness among Vietnamese youth, Close Up struggled to connect with them on a deeper level. The brand needed a novel approach to engage the vibrant and dynamic 18-24-year-old demographic, who enjoyed watching singing reality shows like Vietnam Idol and The X Factor. The challenge was to transform their interest in singing into an interactive campaign that not only resonated with their passion but also boosted their self-confidence.

Strategy and Execution

Close Up recognized the prominence of mobile devices in the lives of Vietnamese youth, with over 90% owning mobile phones and a substantial portion accessing mobile internet. Leveraging this insight, the brand designed a campaign centered on mobile technology. The campaign partnered with Zalo, a prominent social messaging application with a substantial user base among the target audience.

The "iVoice technology" from Zalo was employed, enabling users to participate in the "Be Confident to sing high note" contest. The contest was designed to challenge participants to sing along with perfect voice quality recordings. Weekly themes, such as "High note," "Belting-note," and "On-pitch," provided variety and excitement. Participants sent #closeupidol to the Close Up Zalo page, received a song sample, and then recorded their version. Their recordings were scored based on similarities to the original song, fostering a sense of competition.

Results and Impact

The Close Up SING IN YOUR STYLE campaign yielded remarkable results:

  • Brand Awareness: Close Up's brand awareness strengthened by +3 points, enhancing its market presence.

  • Market Share Growth: Close Up's nationwide market share increased by +0.5%, with a notable 0.8% surge in Ho Chi Minh City. In contrast, a rival brand experienced a decline in market share.

  • Brand Imagery: The campaign boosted the perception that "Close Up is Better than Other Brand" by +5 points, enhancing brand appeal.

  • Mobile Impressions: The i-audition contest garnered over 4 million unique impressions from mobile full-screen banners, showcasing the campaign's reach.

  • Digital Engagement: The strategic use of Zalo's iVoice technology led to 50,746 followers within the first week, outpacing previous campaigns by a significant margin.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The mobile banner achieved an impressive 2% CTR, highlighting user engagement.

  • PR Impact: PR articles generated over 1.1 million views, further solidifying the campaign's reach and impact.

  • Zalo Following: Close Up's Zalo page amassed 52,491 followers, surpassing the set KPI of 25,000.

  • Audience Reach: The mobile-driven audition contest reached a staggering 50,746 audience members in just one week, showcasing the campaign's swift success.

  • Entries Recorded: An impressive 6,960 entries were submitted via mobile, reflecting the enthusiastic participation of the target demographic.

Close Up's SING IN YOUR STYLE campaign stands as a testament to the power of innovative mobile strategies in engaging and captivating the modern youth. By leveraging the enthusiasm for singing reality shows and integrating cutting-edge mobile technology, Close Up not only boosted brand awareness and market share but also fostered a sense of self-confidence among Vietnamese youth. This case study exemplifies the potential of well-executed mobile campaigns to drive brand success in a digitally connected world.


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