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Closeup Kiss It Your Way: A Digital Love Revolution

Discover how Close Up, the leading oral care brand, successfully engaged Vietnamese youth and ignited a digital love revolution with their innovative campaign, "Kiss It Your Way." Through strategic insights and creative executions, Close Up aimed to increase market shares and build brand love among the tech-savvy Vietnamese audience.


In the digital age, young Vietnamese individuals find love and connection online, where digital interactions have become as real as offline encounters. Close Up recognized this shift and sought to leverage the power of mobile technology to bring real and personalized love back into the lives of the youth.


Understanding the media limitations in Vietnam, Close Up chose mobile as the primary medium to connect with its target audience. The campaign aimed to excite, inspire, and engage users through a variety of digital activations, including rich banner ads, mobile games, and cross-media platform interactions.

Creative Idea

"Kiss It Your Way" became the rallying cry for Close Up's campaign, encouraging young individuals to express their love authentically and personally during the beloved Valentine's season. By becoming the "Catalyst of Closeness" in the virtual world, Close Up aimed to foster real connections and bring back the magic of intimate moments.


Through a combination of TV commercials, digital media, mobile games, and social media engagement, Close Up generated excitement, inspired creativity, and encouraged real-world interaction. The campaign included events, PR initiatives, and video case studies that showcased the success and impact of "Kiss It Your Way."


Close Up's campaign achieved remarkable results, surpassing key performance indicators and reshaping the market landscape:

  • Close Up became the second leading toothpaste brand in Vietnam, replacing Colgate.

  • The campaign garnered a +3.3% value market share in the oral care segment.

  • Within 34 days, the activation reached a staggering audience of 19 million.

  • The innovative E-Kiss feature on social media generated 128,000 interactions and 3,500 shares on Facebook.


Close Up's "Kiss It Your Way" campaign not only increased market shares but also successfully connected with the Vietnamese youth on a deeper level. By embracing digital platforms and bringing back the essence of personal connections, Close Up made a bold strategic choice that left a lasting impact on the brand and its relationship with consumers.


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