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WHSmith partners with Laybuy to offer a ‘buy now, pay later’ option online

Laybuy, an interest-free ‘buy now, pay later’ payment platform, is partnering with WHSmith in the UK to bring a ‘buy now, pay later’ solution.

WHSmith partners with Laybuy to offer a ‘buy now, pay later’ option online

The option to pay by Laybuy is available on from this week today.

Gary Rohloff, MD and Co-Founder of Laybuy, said: “We are excited to be partnering with WHSmith and I’m sure their customers will really value Laybuy’s innovative payment plan. Consumers are always looking for more flexible payment options and Laybuy provides exactly that, whilst being totally interest-free. ‘Buy now, pay later’ with Laybuy gives people confidence that they’ll never pay a penny of interest while spreading payments over a period that suits the way they budget.”

Laybuy continues to innovate and develop its ‘buy now, pay later’ platform to improve the shopping experience. Laybuy has a unique product called Laybuy Boost, which allows clients to pay more up-front if their credit limit doesn’t cover the cost of the items they want.

For example, a customer may have a Laybuy credit limit of £240 but wants to purchase something for £300. Through Laybuy Boost, a customer can make a higher initial payment of £60 and then pay off the balance of £240, equal to their available Laybuy credit limit, over 5 instalments of £48. This gives consumers additional flexibility but ensures they do not spend beyond their means.

Laybuy’s ‘buy now, pay later’ platform is a completely risk-free solution for retailers, who receive the payment up-front less a small commission when customers make a purchase. Laybuy takes all of the credit risk for the weekly payments. Laybuy’s platform is proven to help retailers increase sales, basket size and the number of transactions, as well as gain brand new customers. Laybuy’s retail partners have seen average order values (AOV) rise by up to 70%, online and instore conversion rates increase by up to 50%, and new customer acquisitions rise by up to 30%.

Laybuy also gives consumers peace-of-mind through its responsible approach to lending. Laybuy never charges interest and partners with global credit bureau Experian to set responsible credit limits for each consumer. This responsible approach helps ensure people do not spend beyond their means.


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