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SpotX integrates TVSquared for global CTV measurement

TVSquared has been selected by SpotX, the leading global video advertising platform, as a preferred measurement and attribution partner to power transparent, real-time analytics on delivery, audience, and outcomes for national, regional, and local connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

SpotX integrates TVSquared for global CTV measurement

Together, TVSquared and SpotX are supporting CTV’s global growth by delivering brand lift, reach, sales, and audience measurement for clients in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Connecting ad exposure to real-world outcomes, TVSquared’s ADvantage platform serves up real-time proof of performance and precise analytics that inform programmatic TV buying, including audience planning and targeting. SpotX clients can find optimal reach and frequency, quantify incremental reach beyond linear, understand performance across publishers and inventory levels, and measure response by weekday, daypart, device type, creative, and campaign.

Allied Global Marketing was the first to utilize SpotX’s CTV measurement solution for its tune-in advertiser client. With the goal of driving viewers to a subscription streaming service, the agency launched a programmatic TV campaign to test look-alike audiences based on first-party data. Using TVSquared, Allied Global Marketing was able to understand the impact of look-alike audiences, identify which targets were driving subscriptions and make data-informed decisions to optimize ROI. As a result, it increased look-alike segments by 50% for the client. It also leveraged analytics to reallocate media, shifting impressions to higher-performing publishers and programs, resulting in a 49% increase in response rates.

“The measurement solution offered by SpotX and TVSquared gives us an entirely new way to measure audiences across CTV inventory, and the ability to unlock new targets along the way,” said Evan Ballard, VP, Global Performance Marketing, Allied Global Marketing. “Having this level of precision and granularity for programmatic TV buying is changing how we plan and measure CTV for our clients.”

Advertisers in eight countries are currently leveraging the platform for programmatic CTV measurement and attribution, proving that streaming is gaining momentum across the world.

“Partnering with TVSquared, we are empowering advertisers globally to measure the unparalleled scale of CTV with the same speed, flexibility, and transparency of other traditional digital channels,” said Kristen Williams, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, SpotX. “Every media dollar should be tied back to outcomes, and real-time measurement is the key to making that happen. Our clients are unlocking valuable analytics to find and reach targets across publishers, and act on insights to maximize performance and audience activations.”

“TV transactions are shifting from content to audience, and SpotX is delivering on the promise of CTV by proving that it can be measured and optimized programmatically,” said Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared. “We are honored to partner with SpotX to make TV more flexible, targetable, and accountable for advertisers across the world.”


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