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Pepsi, Walkers and Doritos sign up for new Jaywing digital sales promotion tool ‘Frontrunner’

Marketing agency Jaywing has launched Frontrunner, a white label sales promotions framework designed to make the planning and execution of on-pack promotions faster and less prone to risk.

The tool is already being used by brands Pepsi Max, Walkers and Doritos as part of a trial phase.

The product will join the Jaywing Intelligence suite of products, including AI-enhanced offerings Decision, Whisper, and Archetype.

Frontrunner has been designed to integrate seamlessly with brands’ existing CMS, retaining the best user experience for customers and end-users. It also offers GDPR and CAP compliance and necessary additions in place to ensure any data collection is completely above-board and safe for companies to use.

The framework includes not just the set-up of on-pack promotions (which can function in multiple regions, in multiple languages, to different regulations simultaneously), but also facilitates the option of a UI dashboard for analysts (in-house or otherwise) to view and export campaign results.

Frontrunner has been designed to integrate with brands’ existing CMS, retaining the best user experience for customers and end-users.

Aman Matharu, Digital Lead at PepsiCo Europe, commented: “Jaywing has been managing our on-pack promotions across Europe for many years, for several of our biggest brands. We rely on their expertise and knowledge to deliver a mix of promotions such as instant win, voucher redemption, prize draws, as well as more complex mechanisms like Facebook and Twitter entry, facilitating a consistently high level of customer engagement for promotions. Our extensive internal security testing also ensures that their code is legally compliant and secure, because securing consumer data is critically important to our business.”

Brían Taylor, Managing Director at Jaywing, added: “We developed Frontrunner with the aim of making the process of executing on-pack promotional campaigns as efficient and pain free as possible. The tool’s key proposition is to free marketers’ time from repetitive or time-consuming aspects of digital promotions, allowing them to focus on more creative-intensive tasks, and it’s great to see it already delivering on its promise for some of the UK’s leading FMCG brands.”


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