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Music map: new tool charts the most effective sonic logos in the UK has the most effective sonic logo in the UK, while Just Eat, Checkatrade score high for recall, and EE is a Sonic Idler, according to new research looking into how people react to ad jingles.

A new report from SoundOut unpicks what it is that makes a sonic logo effective, based on an in-depth analysis of 300,000 consumer reviews and ratings collected on 280 sonic logos.

Much like the Boston Consulting Matrix separates brands into Dogs, Cash Cows and Stars, The SoundOut SEM separates sonic logos into four quadrants based on their recall and propensity to buy levels.

AO is a true Effectiveness Engine – the most effective sonic logo in the UK – as measured across the three components of effectiveness: recall, appeal and propensity to buy. Although #1 for Appeal and Propensity to Buy, JustEat is only the second most effective audio brand in the UK because it comes #7 for recall.

Checkatrade is a Brand Builder, #10 for recall but a lowly #35 when it comes to propensity to buy. EE is a true Sonic Idler, coming last (#39) for recall and #38 for propensity to buy.

SoundOut’s SEM features in the SoundOut Index Effectiveness Edition which is a deep dive into what makes a sonic identity effective for consumers. The report identifies the very different brand attributes behind recall and propensity to buy. It also includes the SoundOut ranking of the most effective sonic logos in the US and UK. All findings are underpinned by cold, hard quantitative data on 280 sonic logos, including 130 unreleased/unknown sonic logos sourced from sonic branding agencies. All responses came from over 300,000 consumers across the US and UK who are unfamiliar with the logo and therefore unaffected by any related brand association.

David Courtier-Dutton, founder and CEO of SoundOut, said: “Perhaps the most exciting discovery of the study is that it’s possible to identify the effectiveness potential of a sonic logo before it is brought to market. This could save brands millions of dollars trying to support a sonic logo that just doesn’t have the attributes to be effective.

“We’ve also proven that brands need to decide the priority for their sonic logo before they begin composing. Is it to drive sales or build the brand? That’s because the attributes that underpin propensity to buy are very different to those that drive recall.”

Commenting on the significance of the SoundOut Index Effectiveness Edition, Roscoe Williamson, Global Creative Strategy Director, MassiveMusic, said: “The results of SoundOut’s latest research are profound – we are especially interested in the connection found between a sonic logo and propensity to buy – as this is something that hasn’t been looked at in such detail before.”

The Effectiveness Edition report runs to over 40 pages and is a complement to the SoundOut Index released in May. Two further in-depth reports, available soon, will explore the results in greater detail for sonic personality and market penetration. ———————————————————————

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