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Italian handbag brand Mialuis launches first-ever ecommerce website

Mialuis, the Italian-made leather handbag brand has launched its first-ever ecommerce site having chosen global eCommerce platform provider Kooomo, alongside Zerogrey and Progesia to expand its global reach and build stronger relationships directly with its customers.

Italian handbag brand Mialuis launches first-ever ecommerce website

Having previously only sold via bricks and mortar stores and Amazon, Mialuis took the decision to launch its own online retail platform to increase its relevance of the brand online and to reach a wider global audience.

It chose Progesia, a consultancy firm that helps organisations to innovate business strategies and align them with new customer needs. Together, they created an online strategy and chose Progesia’s business partner Zerogrey for the management of the platform. The site was built using Kooomo’s platform and the strong partnerships between the three businesses meant a successful implementation within just two months.

Mialuis is a leather bags brand, Made in Italy, founded in 2010 by Mariaelena Mallone. She gave birth to her dream, transformed into work with passion and involvement. Mialuis bags are unique, high-quality, stylish and focus on craftsman tradition.

Mialuis was born from the need to interpret and enhance being a woman and believes that beyond any trivialising stereotype, women are complex and sophisticated. It was therefore critical that the new website reflected this ethos and provides customers with a user experience synonymous with the Mialuis brand.

Through this new online store, customers can now interact directly with the brand online while enjoying the best eCommerce has to offer in terms of payments and order management. Alongside its work with influencers, Mialuis expects to see an increase in brand awareness.

Ciaran Bollard, CEO of Kooomo says “Mialuis has a very distinctive style and brand so it was important for us that the eCommerce platform embodied this, and we’re so pleased with the outcome. Mialuis has already seen success via the new online store and we are now working on analysing the buyers’ behaviours in order to better understand what they want from the website. This also helps to maximise sales throughout the critical period of cyber weekend and in the lead up to Christmas. We look forward to a continued relationship and to seeing the Mialuis brand grow across the world.”


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