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Euro final: England fans ‘most active on social media’ as Volkswagen wins brand battle

There were three times more mentions of ‘it’s coming home’ than ‘forza azzurri’ across worldwide Twitter on Sunday as Italy faced England in the European Championships Final.

Euro final: England fans ‘most active on social media’ and Volkswagen wins brand battle

Following the Euro final, social listening tool Pulsar reveals what dominated social media conversations over the weekend and in the build up to the final.

Three Lions roar the loudest on social media globally

Pulsar data shows that over the past week (05.07.21 – 11.07.21), there were three times (428k v 141k) as many mentions of ‘it’s coming home’ as there were ‘forza azzurri’ across worldwide Twitter.

“It’s coming home” also outranked “Forza Azzurri” by 143% in the US this weekend (17k v 7k). 

Positivity drowns out negativity online:

Puslar tracked the #eurofinal hashtag and revealed that the conversation across social media (Twitter, TikTok, public Facebook pages, Pinterest, Reddit, blogs, forums, YouTube and Tumblr) was majority positive across the weekend (10.07.21 to 11.07.21):

Globally there were 48% more posts with positive sentiment, than negative sentiment

In the UK, there were 100% more posts with positive sentiment, than negative sentiment.

Volkswagen’s Tiny Football Car wins hearts and social chatter

A surprise breakout star from the tournament was Volkswagen’s, with fans rallying around the official twitter account (@TinyFootballCar), for the remote control vehicle.

Mentions peaked on the England-Denmark game, with the final (and its distinctive rainbow car) a close second. General mentions hit their highest point during the final, however.

Note: Blue illustrates mentions for the official account @TinyFootballCar and red for all mentions of small/little and car/Volkswagen and football/euros).

The most engaged with social posts during the game (8pm-11pm on 11.07.21):

According to Pulsar data, the most engaged with #Eurofinal social content during the game is as follows:

Instagram: Spanish language American TV sport channels espndeportes, generated the most buzz around its instagram post asking people for “wrong answers only”.

Twitter: And globally, viewers rallied against the English team to show support for the Italians during the game, with the most engaged post coming from @iamskwanwar.


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