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Detect products in video with buy now option

YouTube is testing AI tools in the US to automatically detect products used in videos. This opens up new opportunities for advertisers and can turn all streaming content into purchasable media. Initially, products appeared as related links between recommended videos – but that was just the beginning.

YouTube testing product detection in videos with purchase options

The new YouTube feature is now visible to people watching videos on the platform in the US. Users will see these products in between recommended videos.

As part of one of YouTube’s latest experiments, the detection system was rolled out as an experiment to YouTube viewers in the US on March 22 and will initially be used to display listings. Related products below video.

As YouTube’s Help page explains, “We’re testing a new feature that displays a list of products discovered in some videos as well as related products. This feature will appear in between recommended videos for viewers to scroll below the video player. The goal is to help people discover more videos and information about those products on YouTube. This feature will be visible to people watching videos in the US. ”

The benefits of this feature can be huge for both Google and its advertising partners. Advertisers should have access to a greater degree of control over how their products are displayed based on the specific products featured in each video. It is no longer a case of relying on titles, tags, and descriptions.

For Google, as well as having them cut back on any products purchased through YouTube listings, this will make their advertising business more efficient and therefore successful.

At the same time, video recommendation systems will be more nuanced and can better target individual viewers, ultimately keeping them clicking and watching longer.

Mary Keane-Dawson, CEO of the TAKUMI Group, said: “The introduction of new technology to YouTube can detect the items shown in the video and generate a list of related products for possible purchase. is an industry video game. YouTube is the home of tutorials and reviews, where consumers are looking for more information about a product. If the technology tests are successful, the feature could transform digital marketing, improving YouTube’s e-commerce logins by eliminating a step or error at the very moment of weighing. positive reminder.

“Testing is also beneficial for influencers and marketers operating in the field, especially when you consider that more than a quarter of consumers have been swayed when purchasing a product or service.” YouTube advertising by creators, according to TAKUMI’s white paper, The Reality of Marketing Influencers: Focusing on TikTok and YouTube.

“The line between traditional and social media marketing has been blurred for years – a trend accelerated by the popularity of online shopping since the start of the pandemic. For example, TikTok recently announced a partnership with Shopify, and Instagram redesigned its homepage to promote the shopping tab. With YouTube currently developing its own evolution of technology to commercialize social content in a more user-friendly way, we hope brands can come out of the pandemic with a forward mentality. new market. Influencers and social media platforms can now take precedence over traditional advertising channels, as monetization opportunities and measurement continue to improve.”


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