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British Airways' Out Of Office Campaign: Embracing the Importance of True Holidays

In January 2023, British Airways Holidays teamed up with Uncommon to launch the "Take your holiday seriously" campaign, encouraging their customers to truly prioritize their vacations. The campaign aimed to address the prevailing issue in the UK, where many people fail to value and dedicate time to their holidays, with potential adverse effects on their overall well-being and longevity.

The Workaholic Culture

Recent surveys revealed a concerning trend, showing that 50% of working adults in the UK do not take their full annual leave allowance. Additionally, 48% of respondents admitted to checking work emails during their time off. British Airways recognized the negative impact of this workaholic culture and decided to address it with a creative and humorous outdoor advertising campaign across the UK.

The Out Of Office Twist

British Airways took inspiration from the classic Out Of Office (OOO) email auto-response that people set when they go on vacation. However, instead of using the conventional and mundane templates with a note like "If there's an urgent matter, please contact me on my mobile," the airline turned the concept upside down. The outdoor advertisements featured OOO email messages with playful content, such as "No" and "0% chance of work," and humorous replies rejecting work during the holidays.

out of office campaign

The Humorous Appeal with a Serious Message

Behind the humor of these email messages lies a serious call for people to give their minds a break and detach from work during their time off. British Airways wanted to emphasize that holidays are not frivolous indulgences but vital for one's health and well-being. By using humor to convey the message, the campaign aimed to capture people's attention and encourage them to reconsider their approach to vacations.

Promoting the Importance of Rest and Relaxation

The core objective of the Out Of Office campaign was to highlight the significance of genuine holiday experiences. It urged individuals to prioritize their leisure time and unplug from work-related responsibilities to truly rejuvenate themselves. By doing so, British Airways aimed to instill a culture where vacations are viewed as essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and overall mental and physical health.


British Airways' Out Of Office campaign effectively combined humor and a serious message to draw attention to the importance of taking vacations seriously. By using creative outdoor advertising with OOO email twists, the campaign succeeded in challenging the prevailing workaholic culture and encouraging people to embrace true rest and relaxation during their holidays. Through this endeavor, British Airways not only promoted its brand but also advocated for the well-being and happiness of its customers.


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