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12 jobs for the future: From virtual teachers to machine personality designers

As technology and automation continues to advance at a staggering rate, the job sector will too, quickly adapting to support breakthroughs across industries. New research looks at 12 types of jobs that don’t exist yet, but could be crucial roles in the coming decades.

RS Components has collated a mix of the most exciting future job role predictions to reveal the incredible careers that up-and-coming generations can expect to see – and perhaps even have for themselves.

There’s a real mixture of job titles across different industries including travel, tech, lifestyle, transport, environmental and business, of which a list of examples can be found below.

Examples of future job roles:

• Space Junk Recycler – these people will have to identify the orbital locations of where junk is greatest in the atmosphere surrounding Earth. They will then develop cost-effective methods to remove it from orbit.

• Space Tourism Guide – voyages into space are beginning to take off with the appearance of Virgin Galactic. Commercial flights to space will become the next top holiday destination.

• Virtual Teacher – in the future, teaching will be less about the bricks and mortar school building and will focus more on online classrooms and lessons.

• Genetic Counsellor – these counsellors will be trained to coach and consult someone through their life depending on their age, wellness, and overall health; including if they are likely to get a certain disease.

• Internet/Social Media Lawyer – with 5.8 million cybercrimes a year, and Facebook and Twitter incidents reported every 45 minutes, cyber lawyers will see a big pick up in work.

• Virtual Identity Defender – advancements in AI could lead to people creating convincing fake video and audiotapes, putting data at risk. Therefore, in the future, there will be a need for this role where you will use digital watermarks that can be authenticated and can prove the truth.

• Head of Machine Personality Design – Automation is working to create bots that can be personable with customers. The role of this person will be to ensure the machine or robot has the same personality and taste as the customer, by using quantitative and qualitative market analysis techniques.

You can view the full study here

Source: RS Components


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