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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launch: A Strategic Triumph

Campaign Overview

In a bold move to maintain its market dominance, Samsung unleashed its flagship product, the Galaxy Note8. However, this challenge didn't end there, as heavyweight rival Apple simultaneously announced its "superior" product. Would a traditional product launch be enough to make the Galaxy Note8 stand out, or did Samsung need to spice up its marketing campaign? Join us as we explore the steps taken to make the Galaxy Note8 one of the most sought-after tech products in the last quarter of the year.


In the smartphone industry, particularly in the premium phone segment, competition between giants like Samsung and Apple is fierce. While both brands boast massive fan bases, the battle for consumer hearts rages on.

Samsung's Galaxy Note8 stood out as a groundbreaking smartphone with its revolutionary Infinity Display design. It also boasted powerful features like Live Message for dynamic messaging and a Dual Camera for advanced background blur. Samsung Pay, a feature that aligned with the growing trend of innovative payment methods in Vietnam, also garnered significant attention.

However, Samsung faced a major challenge when Apple announced not one but two new "superior" products simultaneously. As the public eagerly discussed and awaited the new features of iPhone X and iPhone 8, Samsung had to find a way to make the Galaxy Note8 shine in the midst of this competition. Samsung set an ambitious goal: to attract potential customers waiting for the new iPhone and convince them to reconsider their choices.


Samsung understood that winning over iPhone enthusiasts, especially during the anticipation of new Apple releases, was never easy. During this period, iPhone aficionados actively sought the latest Apple news, eagerly sharing rumors about the design and features of the upcoming iPhone models.

However, in their fervor, they often overlooked that the outstanding features of the soon-to-be-released iPhones were already present in Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy Note8. Moreover, in terms of timing, consumers would have to wait until November to get their hands on the new iPhone, presenting a significant opportunity for Samsung.


To attract Apple's customers, Samsung employed a clever strategy of capitalizing on the high search volume for iPhone-related queries to introduce the new features of the Galaxy Note8 across various user behavior channels. Samsung aimed to make tech enthusiasts see what they might be missing out on.

Simultaneously, iPhone users needed to understand that they had the right and the time to explore an alternative top-tier option rather than patiently waiting.

Turning the challenge into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Samsung aimed to help customers experience the excellence of their product, shifting some of this segment's customers towards loyalty.

Creative Idea

To achieve its primary goal of launching the Samsung Galaxy Note8, the main theme of the campaign closely aligned with the product's spirit: "Do Bigger Things," with a series of closely aligned multimedia communications.

However, to lure rival customers towards Samsung, a small part of the campaign took an entirely new direction. Using the "Strike While the Iron is Hot" strategy mentioned above, coupled with tapping into the psychology of anticipation among Apple enthusiasts, Samsung introduced the concept:

"Smart doesn't wait – Thông minh là không chờ đợi" (Smart implies not waiting)

By playfully implying that "Smart" refers to Apple fans eagerly awaiting the new iPhone, Samsung aimed directly at their self-esteem, eliciting both laughter and agreement.

Through a series of short, simple, and comprehensible videos, Samsung did not shy away from comparing the Galaxy Note8 with its competitor, emphasizing its standout features and immediate availability, making it the centerpiece of the message "Smart doesn't wait – Thông minh là không chờ đợi."


In reality, the release of the Galaxy Note8 was Samsung's most significant event in 2017. Understandably, Samsung pooled its resources and professionalism as a major brand by employing a wide range of Above-the-Line (TVC, Video, PrintAd) and Below-the-Line (PR, Social Digital, Trade Marketing, Event, Activation) tools in its communication campaign. Additionally, the innovative video series left a unique impression on tech enthusiasts.

Social Media

Social media played a pivotal role in generating continuous discussion throughout the campaign. With various mini-games, live streams, and posts by a team of up to 100 famous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) like Tuấn Hưng, Hà Anh Tuấn, Hoàng Lê Giang, and Technology Opinion Leaders (TOL) such as Schannel, Review Dạo, Tinh tế, VOZ, the campaign generated the highest social media discussion in October 2017, with over 800,000 discussions and posts related to the Note8.

Understanding the behavior of consumers searching for information when they are curious, the campaign also utilized Google Adwords and search tools extensively.

When customers couldn't resist their desire to explore, the "Virtual Unboxing" activity at was ready to provide customers with their first experience of the product, creating a sense of anticipation before the official launch.

Viral Video

Released in November 2017 on Schannel, the "Smart doesn't wait – Thông minh là không chờ đợi" video series garnered significant attention from the community. Comprising five 20-second videos corresponding to the five new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note8: Dynamic Messages, Lock Screen Notes, Convenient Payment with Samsung Pay, Infinity Display, and Improved Translation.

The most interesting aspect of this video series is that it humorously poked fun at the iPhone while simultaneously making iPhone enthusiasts laugh and nod in agreement. Samsung managed to conquer both iPhone fans and Note fans, achieving viral success.


The main TVC of the campaign also attracted considerable attention, with over 9 million views in a short period. With the theme "Bringing Big Ideas to Life" (Do bigger things), the TVC succinctly conveyed the product's highlights. With a simple comparative approach – "Not just a 'Screen,' but an 'Infinity Screen,' not just 'Messaging,' but 'Dynamic Messaging,' not just a 'Camera,' but a 'Dual Camera,'" Samsung effectively presented the key points in just 30 concise seconds.


One of the most anticipated tech events of the year, the "Do bigger things" Galaxy Note8 product launch event took place on September 13 at GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh City, creating a deep impression on attendees and the media.

While Samsung had organized numerous product launch events in the past, the Galaxy Note8 event stood out with its attention to detail, luxurious image, and participation of famous celebrities (Celebrities). The anticipation among the audience was palpable as they awaited the unveiling of the product's outstanding features through creative and visually stunning performances on stage.

At this event, Samsung's representatives revealed that 86% of Galaxy Note users loved their devices, and 85% felt proud to introduce them to friends (Source: GenK). Samsung believed that the Galaxy Note8 was not just a phone but a testament to "shaping a brighter future."


Less than a month after the product launch event, consumers had the opportunity to participate in the "Galaxy Note8 Studio Technology Day" from October 6 to October 12. Here, they could experience the product firsthand and learn about its features. This was a crucial move by Samsung, as it allowed customers to engage with the product even before it officially hit the market.

Trade Marketing

The campaign integrated 5,000 Samsung Mobile Retailers and almost 20,000 points of sale across the country. With promotional activities, trainings, and deep discounts, these locations were instrumental in disseminating information about the Galaxy Note8, ensuring the campaign reached every corner of Vietnam.


The campaign achieved remarkable results. The Galaxy Note8 outperformed its predecessor, the Note7, by a factor of 3.5 in the number of orders in the pre-sale phase, with over 1,000 orders received in just three days.

The "Smart doesn't wait – Thông minh là không chờ đợi" video series had over 11.5 million views and garnered widespread recognition and praise. The official product launch event was attended by over 2,000 media representatives, influencers, and customers. Additionally, the campaign generated over 20 million impressions on Facebook, further amplifying the brand's reach.


With a comprehensive and creative marketing campaign that capitalized on consumer psychology and curiosity, Samsung successfully launched its Galaxy Note8, overcoming the shadow cast by Apple's new product announcements. By strategically engaging with the audience across various channels, Samsung demonstrated that with the Galaxy Note8, you didn't have to wait for something "superior" – it was already here, and it was indeed smart to explore all options before making a decision. This campaign serves as a testament to Samsung's prowess in the highly competitive smartphone market, proving that timing, creativity, and effective communication can lead to resounding success.


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