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Samsung's Watch it with the S6 Case Study: Engaging Vietnamese Consumers

In 2014, Vietnam's mobile phone market experienced exponential growth, driven primarily by the launch of Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, particularly in the high premium segment. This intense competition squeezed Samsung's market share between Apple's premium offerings and Oppo's entry-level devices. To regain market share and enhance brand equity, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, focusing on their exceptional features and design.


With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung aimed to boost product engagement leading to increased sales and market share. Digital and mobile channels were identified as key avenues to achieve these objectives. The campaign targeted Vietnamese young adults aged 18-35 from middle to high social classes, aiming to challenge the preference for iPhones and position Galaxy S6 as a desirable choice.


To pique curiosity among non-S6 users, enticing content was exclusively revealed on S6 screens when synced with the film. Non-S6 users were prompted to use an S6 to unveil the complete story, with various Galaxy S6 features showcased during their interaction with the content. This strategy aimed to connect brand awareness with product trial and potential sales uplift.

Creative Idea

Recognizing their core audience's passion for celebrities and love stories, Samsung created a film featuring the famous celebrity Thanh Hang, set in Paris, to captivate viewers. The film incorporated "extra juicy bits" that could only be seen when users synchronized their smartphones with the main screen, thanks to double-screen technology. This innovation allowed users to seamlessly interact with the film on both desktop and mobile screens.


The campaign unfolded through multiple phases:

TVC: The story began spreading through a TVC, providing context before the couple's first meeting. The narrative continued in an online short film released on an interactive dual-screen platform.

Website: An incentive was offered – a chance to win a trip to Paris by correctly answering trivia questions about the love story. To answer correctly, viewers had to watch the film with a Galaxy S6. The double-screen platform was promoted online, targeting both desktop and mobile users.

Activation: Demo centers were set up in 79 Samsung stores nationwide, allowing non-S6 users to experience the complete film with displayed S6 phones. The dual-screen video experience required viewers to use their smartphones to interact with the film innovatively. Users placed their phones over the screen to unveil interactive features between the main screen and their mobile screen.


Samsung's innovative approach delivered impressive results:

  • Over 500,000 target users synced their phones with the main screen to experience the story.

  • More than 150,000 iPhone users (31%) were among the most frequent visitors, followed by users of other smartphone brands.

  • In-store foot traffic increased significantly, with product interaction lasting an average of 3 minutes, twice the duration of the original story.

  • "Love Story in Paris" had a substantial impact, leading to 700 non-S6 visitors experiencing the story in stores daily.

  • Samsung's market share in the premium segment grew by 233%, and S6 sales increased by 181% compared to the previous model.

  • Online sentiment improved by 13%, surpassing other brands and achieving six times the share of voice compared to Apple's iPhone.

The "Watch it with the S6" campaign successfully positioned Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge as desirable options in a market dominated by Apple, showcasing the effectiveness of innovative and engaging marketing strategies.


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