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NAN Kid 4 - Little Explorers Team campaign

When it comes to choosing the best nutritional milk for children in Vietnam, parents are presented with various options, each claiming to offer unique benefits. From enhancing intellectual development to promoting growth in height and weight, these milk products vie for the attention of consumers. One such product is NAN Kid 4, which focuses on "Immune System Protection." However, despite its vital benefits, it might not be as appealing as its competitors due to the prevailing focus on intellectual development, height, and weight gain. In response to this challenge, NAN Kid 4 launched the Little Explorers Team campaign, a series of interactive activities designed to educate and entertain children. This campaign leveraged digital insights from mothers who often use videos to educate and engage their young ones.

The Context

The nutritional milk market for children in Vietnam has witnessed a growth of 23% in 2014, driven by mothers' desire to provide the best for their children. However, brands face difficulties in achieving growth due to limited advertising regulations for milk products for children under two years old, coupled with increasing competition from various sources, including "parallel-imported" products considered "genuine" from multinational companies and inexpensive local brands.

Nestle's brand reputation has instilled trust in its product NAN Kid 4, as mothers have long believed that NAN milk is akin to mother's milk. However, this strength doesn't align well with NAN Kid 4, designed for children aged two and above. Furthermore, the marketing budget allocated to NAN is lower than that of its competitors, who strategically focus on intellectual development, weight, and height gain, resonating deeply with Vietnamese mothers. With its core feature being immune system protection, NAN Kid 4 faced challenges in catering to the demands of mothers who primarily prioritized other aspects.

The Target Audience

The campaign primarily targeted mothers with high incomes (AB) in Hanoi, followed by mothers in Ho Chi Minh City. Both groups share a common interest in their children's health and educational development. They spend significant time online, with 74% dedicating four hours to researching motherhood-related knowledge and 55% engaging on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, to interact with their peers.

The Strategy

Campaign Concept

To enhance brand trust, the challenge was to link "the immune-boosting capability of Bifidus BL probiotics" with mothers who primarily focus on intellectual development, height, and weight gain, the competitive edge used by other brands. Despite the limited budget and fierce competition, the solution lay in leveraging digital channels and TV commercials with a narrative centered around a mother's love and protection for her child.

Core Benefits of NAN Kid 4

NAN Kid 4's core benefit lies in immune system protection. With Bifidus BL probiotics, it promotes children's overall health. However, this benefit alone might not be enough to fuel a successful campaign. Understanding the desire of mothers to provide the best for their children, the campaign needed to tap into this aspiration.

The World of a Mother

A mother's world revolves around her children, striving to provide them with the best education and care. This holds especially true for Vietnamese mothers, especially during summer when children have leisure time, and mothers often take them to various places for educational experiences.

To capitalize on this desire, the "NAN Little Explorers Team" campaign was born, offering a summer club where mothers and children could participate in various activities, both online and offline. These activities aimed to encourage children's exploration and learning, simultaneously showcasing how continuous development relies on a protected immune system.

Creative Idea

Health: The Foundation for Continuous Exploration with the Little Explorers Team



The campaign began with two webisodes on YouTube and Facebook, narrating the story of "Captain Bifidus BL" and his adventurous journey with children. The "Fun Fun Farm" webisode introduced children to a magical farm, while "Amazing Zoo" featured captivating wild animals.


The "NAN Little Explorers Team" microsite was designed to be user-friendly on both desktop and mobile devices. It featured an introduction to the campaign and started with a journey to "Fun Fun Farm" and then to the "Amazing Zoo." Mothers could engage in the journey by accepting weekly exploration challenges. They were encouraged to capture and submit themed adventure photos of their children. The photos with the highest votes and best exploration themes would win weekly prizes, including adventure toys and NAN products.

Social Media Engagement

The campaign's Facebook fan page was instrumental in building a community of mothers and children. Aligned with the summer vacation, the fan page served not only as a platform for announcing weekly exploration challenges but also as a space for mothers to chat, share their experiences, and connect with like-minded mothers.

The weekly exploration challenges included:

  • Farm Adventure Weekly Challenge: (1) Animal's Best Friend - capturing a photo with a specific animal; (2) Little Farmer - capturing a photo of the child gardening; (3) Beauty of Nature - capturing a photo of the child amidst scenic nature.

  • Zoo Adventure Weekly Challenge: (1) Wild Animal - capturing a photo with a wild animal; (2) Cute Animal - dressing the child as a cute animal; (3) Impressive Landscape - capturing a photo with any natural landscape like forests, mountains, rivers, or the sea.

The Results

Despite having no promotional activities during the campaign and facing budget constraints, the results were astounding. The campaign achieved a 38% increase in sales, surpassing the initial target of 23% and outperforming the industry's average growth in 2014. The success wasn't limited to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; it extended to other cities like Hai Phong.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Achieved:

  • Video Views: Exceeded the 300% target, with 1,645,667 total views for the NAN song, webisodes, and English learning clips.

  • Engagement: Surpassed the 150% target, with 105,610 peak engagement and 114,498 visits to the microsite.

  • Reach and Fans: Exceeded the 100% target, reaching 2,257,323 people and gaining 19,351 fans on the Facebook page.

The "NAN Little Explorers Team" campaign became a compelling example of how insightful marketing, digital engagement, and genuine understanding of mothers' aspirations can create a highly successful and impactful marketing campaign for nutritional milk products for children. By linking the campaign to children's exploration and continuous learning, NAN Kid 4 established itself as a brand that cares not only for children's growth but also for their overall health and well-being.


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