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Kraft's Spoon KD Limited Edition Campaign Strikes Gold in Canada

Kraft Foods, a leading confectionery brand in the United States, has a long-standing history of producing delicious treats enjoyed by millions. In 2012, the company underwent restructuring, splitting into two entities: Kraft Foods Inc. and Mondelēz International. While Mondelēz focused on international markets and specialized in cookies and snacks, Kraft Foods Inc. concentrated on North American food products, including its iconic macaroni and cheese, commonly known as "Kraft Dinner" or "KD."

In January 2023, Kraft Foods launched a captivating advertising campaign to promote a limited edition product for the Canadian market - "Spoon KD" - aimed at appealing to consumers who prefer eating macaroni and cheese with spoons.

This unique campaign was a strategic move by Kraft, as they discovered that a significant portion of the Canadian population, approximately 13 million people, enjoyed this pasta dish using spoons instead of forks. Recognizing this consumer preference, Kraft devised a tailored marketing approach that would effectively resonate with this specific behavior, ultimately leading to remarkable success.

Understanding the Canadian Preference

One of the critical factors contributing to the triumph of Kraft's Spoon KD campaign was its deep understanding of Canadian eating habits and preferences. Kraft's research revealed that a significant portion of the Canadian population, representing 43% of consumers, preferred using spoons to eat their macaroni and cheese. Armed with this valuable insight, the company recognized the potential to capitalize on this behavior and craft a campaign that would genuinely connect with Canadian consumers.

Crafting the Spoon KD Campaign

Kraft's marketing team embarked on an ambitious venture to create a tailored campaign that would not only resonate with the spoon-eating habit but also ignite excitement and interest among Canadian consumers. The primary objective was to showcase the Spoon KD limited edition product as the perfect choice for those who prefer the convenience and comfort of spoons while enjoying their macaroni and cheese.

The advertising campaign was multi-faceted, encompassing various media channels to ensure widespread reach and engagement. The creative team designed 180 advertisements, each featuring individuals enjoying their macaroni and cheese with spoons. These ads appeared across television, social media platforms, billboards, print media, and even on Kraft's website. The messaging focused on the ease and delight of using spoons, emphasizing how Spoon KD was specially crafted to cater to this specific preference.

Connecting with the Canadian Audience

By featuring individuals enjoying their macaroni and cheese with spoons, Kraft's Spoon KD campaign struck a chord with Canadian consumers. The campaign's visuals effectively conveyed a sense of familiarity and comfort, evoking nostalgia and cherished memories of family dinners and shared moments.

Moreover, the creative team introduced a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness into the campaign. Some ads incorporated humor, highlighting the joy of spoon-feeding macaroni and cheese with cheeky taglines such as "Spoonfuls of Goodness" and "The Ultimate Comfort Food Companion." These touches not only added an element of fun but also helped reinforce the positive emotional association with the product.

Engaging with the Digital Audience

In an increasingly digital era, Kraft recognized the significance of online engagement in any successful marketing campaign. The company's social media platforms became the perfect avenue to connect with their target audience, encouraging interaction and feedback.

Kraft launched interactive social media campaigns, inviting consumers to share their personal stories and memories related to macaroni and cheese. They encouraged users to create and share content using the campaign hashtag #SpoonKDStories, which further amplified the reach of the campaign.

Leveraging Influencers and User-Generated Content

To enhance the campaign's impact, Kraft collaborated with popular social media influencers and content creators who had a significant following among the Canadian audience. These influencers shared their experiences with Spoon KD and encouraged their followers to try the limited edition product.

Furthermore, Kraft leveraged user-generated content from enthusiastic consumers who willingly shared their own Spoon KD experiences. This content showcased the genuine excitement and satisfaction of using spoons while enjoying the beloved pasta dish, which further reinforced the positive sentiments around the campaign.

Creating an Emotional Connection

Kraft's Spoon KD campaign managed to go beyond promoting a product; it successfully created an emotional connection with Canadian consumers. By tapping into cherished memories, family traditions, and feelings of comfort associated with macaroni and cheese, the campaign resonated with individuals on a deeper level.

The campaign struck a chord with young parents, who found "Spoon KD" to be the perfect meal option for their children, as using spoons made mealtime easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, the campaign garnered support from nostalgic adults who fondly remembered their childhoods and embraced the idea of reliving those cherished moments with a modern twist.

Key Takeaways and Success Metrics

The success of Kraft's "Spoon KD" campaign can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior: By recognizing and catering to the spoon-eating habit of Canadian consumers, Kraft's campaign was both relevant and relatable.

  • Tailored Messaging: The campaign's messaging was carefully crafted to evoke emotions and nostalgia associated with macaroni and cheese, using spoons to create a sense of familiarity and comfort.

  • Multi-Channel Approach: Utilizing a variety of media channels, including television, social media, and outdoor advertising, ensured maximum reach and engagement.

  • Influencer Partnerships and User-Generated Content: Collaborating with influencers and leveraging user-generated content amplified the campaign's impact and authenticity.

  • Emotional Connection: By creating a strong emotional connection with consumers, Kraft's campaign encouraged brand loyalty and repeat purchases.


Kraft's Spoon KD limited edition campaign stands as a testament to the power of tailored marketing and understanding consumer preferences. By recognizing the spoon-eating habit of Canadian consumers and crafting a campaign that resonated on an emotional level, Kraft successfully captured the hearts and taste buds of the Canadian market.

The campaign's success not only contributed to increased sales of the "Spoon KD" limited edition product but also strengthened Kraft's brand presence in Canada. By embracing tailored marketing, engaging consumers through various channels, and creating an emotional connection, Kraft Foods demonstrated that a well-executed campaign aligned with consumer behavior can lead to extraordinary results in the competitive world of confectionery marketing.


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