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Lazada La Zất Đã Campaign - Revolutionizing Online Shopping

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, where customers have grown weary of traditional marketing approaches, it becomes imperative to captivate their attention in novel ways. This is precisely what Lazada achieved with its groundbreaking campaign La Zất Đã, which marked the inception of the "Shopping Revolution" in 2016. This campaign ingeniously revolutionized the online shopping experience, garnering significant attention across social media platforms and setting a new standard for engagement.

Setting the Scene

In the fiercely competitive race to capture consumer interest in advertisements, brands are resorting to ingenious tactics to increase their share of voice. The year 2016 witnessed an array of marketing campaigns, and amid this bustling environment, Lazada introduced its "Shopping Revolution" with the captivating "La Zất Đã" initiative. This campaign quickly gained notoriety on social media platforms.


In the realm of e-commerce, where giants like Tiki, Thegioididong, and Sendo were persistently engaging in end-of-year promotions, Lazada Vietnam faced the challenge of standing out amidst the competition. As the year-end approached, online shopping witnessed a surge in demand, and Lazada had to strategize how to attract online shoppers to its platform amidst the fierce competition from its rivals.

La Zất Đã Campaign


In 2016, Lazada Vietnam set an ambitious goal for itself - achieving an average 200% increase in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) compared to 2015. The question remained: What approach could enable them to achieve such a remarkable feat?


After meticulously analyzing the online shopping behavior of their target customers, especially during the year-end shopping spree, Reach Communications uncovered a critical insight: "I will buy from the platform that offers me the best price." Most e-commerce platforms were striving to provide the lowest possible discounts to attract customers. Lazada, however, decided to flip the script and leverage this insight in an ingenious way.


Reach Communications, a subsidiary of the Square Communications Group, proposed an Experiential Marketing approach - a strategy that aimed to engage customers through interactive experiences. Lazada Vietnam and Reach Communications collaborated to redefine the concept of promotional campaigns.

In Lazada's 2016 Shopping Revolution, they handed the decision-making power of discount percentages to the consumers. Instead of passively accepting pre-determined discount rates, customers were given the liberty to set their own discounts on Lazada. This groundbreaking approach marked Vietnam's first interactive promotional campaign.

Creative Idea

Capitalizing on customers' joyful reactions to attractive promotions, Lazada transformed customers' exclamations of excitement into powerful tools. The "La Zất Đã" campaign was born from the classic habit of shouting in delight upon discovering irresistible deals. Lazada harnessed these exclamations and transformed them into "weapons" for users to slash an additional 20% off already discounted prices.

Execution and Implementation

Within a span of just two months, the "La Zất Đã" campaign was systematically rolled out across integrated media platforms. It harnessed the power of diverse communication channels including digital, activation, events, public relations (PR), and out-of-home (OOH) advertising. This multi-faceted approach aimed to provide a seamless "La Zất Đã" experience, from sparking inspiration, to user training, enthusiastic participation, and ultimate rewards.

La Zất Đã Campaign


The campaign kicked off with a press conference held at the city's central post office, drawing substantial media attention. This event introduced the "La Zất Đã" program and its mechanics. The involvement of three Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) added an authentic touch, helping audiences connect with the campaign on a personal level.

La Zất Đã Campaign

Social Engagement

Lazada Vietnam collaborated with KOLs Thanh Duy, Miu Lê, and Huỳnh Lập to introduce the interactive promotion through social media channels. To infuse excitement into the voucher hunt for a 20% discount, Lazada introduced three "La" levels: La Càng Cao, La Càng Lâu, and La Càng To. A sound measurement software was developed to assess user performance using these levels.

La Zất Đã Campaign

Comprehensive Communication Campaign

The campaign's success was further amplified through a comprehensive communication strategy, including visually appealing content featuring the three KOLs. A highly engaging interactive game, "La Zất Đã," added a layer of entertainment to the campaign.

Viral Clip and Website

Lazada released a teaser video across digital platforms and cinemas, captivating audiences and driving traffic to the campaign website, adorned with a dedicated microsite for "La Zất Đã."

Offline Activation

The campaign didn't remain confined to the digital realm. Lazada executed various offline activations, particularly targeting office-goers, the most significant demographic for online shopping. Office tours and engaging activities, such as the "La Zất Đã" machine in CGV cinemas, roadshows in major cities, and street activations, brought the campaign closer to the audience.

La Zất Đã Campaign

PR Coverage

The campaign received extensive media coverage from reputable sources such as VnExpress, News Zing, Kênh 14, and Herstyle, amplifying its reach and impact.

La Zất Đã Campaign

Results and Impact

The La Zất Đã campaign exceeded Lazada's expectations, yielding remarkable results within just three months of its launch. Key metrics showcased the campaign's prowess:

  • Direct traffic surged by an astounding 734%.

  • Organic app installations increased naturally by 77%.

  • Facebook engagement witnessed a remarkable 180% growth.

  • Direct searches soared by 154%.

Moreover, the La Zất Đã campaign emerged as the most talked-about program on social media platforms, outshining its competitors. As the campaign concluded, Reach Communications breathed a sigh of relief, having achieved an average KPI score of 223%.

lazada la zất đã

The success of the La Zất Đã campaign not only revolutionized online shopping but also showcased the potency of experiential marketing. This approach necessitates the adeptness of marketers and the strategic acumen of agencies. The La Zất Đã campaign stands as a shining example of an impeccably executed communication strategy that engaged consumers and encouraged them to play an active role in the brand experience.


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