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Huawei The Amazing Hunt - Innovative Marketing Campaign

In the highly competitive Vietnamese smartphone market, Huawei stood out with its ingenious marketing campaign, "The Amazing Hunt." Launched in July 2015, this campaign showcased the power of location-based technology and strategic partnerships to engage young tech-savvy users, raise brand awareness, and increase sales of their new smartphone models.

Challenging Landscape

Vietnam's smartphone market was fiercely competitive, with top players investing heavily in marketing strategies. Amidst the noise of new smartphone releases, Huawei aimed to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience.

Campaign Objectives

Huawei's goals for "The Amazing Hunt" were threefold:

  • Raise brand awareness through word of mouth.

  • Extend engagement time with Huawei through interactive activities.

  • Boost sales of their newly launched smartphone models.

Understanding the Target Audience

Huawei focused on young adults aged 18 to 25, who were tech-savvy and open to embracing challenges. Key behaviors of this audience included using location tracking on mobile internet, engaging with friends on social media, and being receptive to viral trends.

Strategy and Execution

The campaign's cornerstone was utilizing mobile as the primary platform. Leveraging the power of location-based technology, Huawei partnered with Zalo, Vietnam's top OTT app for youth communication. They introduced "The Amazing Hunt," a unique location-based game aimed at engaging users and spreading excitement.

The Creative Idea

Huawei partnered with Zalo to create "HUAWEI - THE AMAZING HUNT," the first friend-get-friend location-based game in Vietnam. The game utilized Zalo's "Find Friends Nearby" function to encourage users to participate. Players shot their friends with a location-based link, triggering a viral chain of engagement.

Campaign Execution

The campaign was executed through two main channels:


Media traffic was directed towards Zalo, utilizing platforms like Zing News and Bao Moi to raise awareness of the game.


Zalo's location-based targeting messages and news feed ads were sent to users who frequented Huawei stores or had used the "Find Friends Nearby" feature. The game was integrated into Huawei's Zalo page, and players shared the link with friends to earn points and trigger engagement.

Results and Impact

Huawei's innovative approach reaped significant rewards:

  • Over 20.7 million impressions on Zalo's sticky messages.

  • More than 11.8 million impressions through Zalo News feed ads.

  • 1,149,000 total interactions.

  • Over 100,000 users joined the game.

  • The highest score reached 718,440,000.

  • Huawei Zalo page gained 48,000 followers in just one month.

Huawei The Amazing Hunt campaign demonstrated the power of location-based technology, strategic partnerships, and creative engagement tactics. By focusing on mobile as the primary platform and leveraging the popularity of Zalo, Huawei successfully increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales among their target audience. This case study stands as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative marketing in a competitive landscape.


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