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Embracing Mother's Day and Father's Day: Fami's Nhà Là Nơi Campaign Celebrates the Essence of Fami

Fami, a leading brand in the Vietnamese soy milk market, has always been dedicated to nurturing the sacred values of family in every Vietnamese household. Since its inception, Fami's name, derived from "Family," has been synonymous with the concept of "home." Home is not just a place; it embodies the roots of family values that Fami cherishes and upholds, especially in today's busy and modern lifestyle.

In this article, we delve into Fami's heartwarming campaign titled "Nhà Là Nơi" executed by Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam in June 2015. We explore the brand's objectives, strategy, and customer insights that made this campaign a unique and powerful celebration of family, fostering a stronger connection with consumers and boosting revenue during the second quarter of 2015.

The Fami Brand

Fami's presence in the Vietnamese market stands strong, with impressive numbers that bear witness to its popularity. Over the years, Fami has remained committed to being a part of Vietnamese families' lives, preserving and nurturing their core family values.

The brand name, Fami, a portmanteau of "Family" and "Home," signifies the essence of family values that Fami holds dear. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, Fami's mission is to provide nourishment and joy to every Vietnamese family. With over 1 billion packs of soy milk consumed over the years, Fami takes pride in being a brand that resonates most with families across Vietnam.

Campaign Objectives

Fami's Nhà Là Nơi campaign had two primary objectives:

Establish Stronger Brand Connection

The campaign aimed to foster a closer emotional bond between the brand and its consumers. By tapping into the essence of family, Fami sought to create an emotional connection that would resonate with each individual on a personal level.

Drive Revenue Growth in Q2/2015

Alongside strengthening brand affinity, Fami aimed to achieve a substantial increase in revenue during the second quarter of 2015. The campaign's success was measured not only by engagement but also by tangible financial growth.

Fami's Strategy

Digital Media as the Preferred Medium

Fami's target audience ranges from Baby Boomers to Generation Y (Gen Y). While catering to various customer segments, Gen Y (aged 20-35) remains a critical demographic as they hold significant decision-making power in purchasing. Therefore, a digital media strategy was a natural choice, considering that Gen Y is the most internet-savvy generation in Vietnam. This approach ensured effective communication and engagement with Fami's target customers.

Emphasizing Traditional Family Values

As a brand meant for the whole family, Fami sought to reinforce its identity by highlighting traditional family values, especially in the fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Customer Insight

"Families hold a special place in people's hearts, but expressing those feelings and emotions can be challenging. Nevertheless, it remains the most genuine way to convey their significance."

The Overarching Idea

The concept of "Home" is not limited to a specific physical location. It encompasses shared values, habits, and even the smallest gestures, like the familiar sound of footsteps. Wherever people share these commonalities, where they feel loved and cared for, they have a "Home." But a "Home" is incomplete without the people inside it.

The campaign aimed to inspire individuals to share their unique definitions of "Home." Each person's "Home" holds precious moments that have brought them closer and fostered everlasting bonds within their families.


The Viral Video

Central to the campaign's success were two key elements: the viral video and the musical drama Nhà Là Nơi The heartwarming viral video showcased extraordinary moments and heartfelt lyrics that resonated deeply with the audience. The video featured four talented artist families: Mỹ Linh, Cẩm Ly, Hoàng Bách, and Isaac. Each family brought their unique touch to the video, demonstrating their love for family and the joy they find in their happy homes.


The campaign initiated with two television commercials (TVCs) released in 2014. Later, Fami leveraged the power of TVCs to target an audience aged above 50, who are more familiar with traditional television. The TVCs featured three generations: grandparents, parents, and children, emphasizing that Fami caters to every family member.

Public Relations (PR)

The campaign witnessed over 22,000 definitions of Nhà Là Nơi shared on the website Moreover, over 3,000 people enthusiastically participated in the musical drama Nhà Là Nơi, sharing their unique perspectives on the concept of "Home."

In addition, several influential YouTube content creators, including JVevermind, An Nguy, Dưa Leo, Đu Đồ Đút, and FAPtv Cơm Nguội, were invited to share their thoughts on family and what Nhà Là Nơi means to them. This approach amplified the campaign's reach and impact across diverse audience segments.


Fami's Nhà Là Nơi campaign left an indelible mark on Vietnamese hearts, celebrating the essence of family in a heartfelt and unconventional manner. By effectively engaging digital media, emphasizing traditional family values, and leveraging the power of influential celebrities and YouTube content creators, Fami succeeded in establishing a profound emotional connection with its audience.

The campaign achieved not only its objectives of reinforcing brand affinity and driving revenue growth but also embodied the spirit of family love and togetherness that Fami holds dear.


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