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HP Magic Words - The Unwritten Stories

In an unprecedented effort to bridge the gap between illiterate individuals and the digital world, global technology giant HP has embarked on a groundbreaking mission. With the release of their pioneering book titled "The First Book Written by the Illiterate" as part of the heartwarming campaign "Magic Words," HP has brought to light 30 authentic and emotionally resonant stories. These stories, accompanied by vivid imagery, are contributed by those who are unable to read and write in Brazil, a country where over 13 million people grapple with illiteracy. This initiative marks not just a societal contribution but a testament to HP's unyielding commitment to innovative technology that enhances lives.

Context and the Challenge in Brazil

Brazil, a nation characterized by its rich cultural diversity, is also home to a staggering 13 million illiterate individuals. Predominantly in their middle age and residing in remote rural areas, many of them make their livelihood through activities like fishing and hunting. Despite their challenging circumstances, they have held onto their cultural heritage, preserving a plethora of life experiences. However, as time passes, these memories fade, compounded by their inability to read and write, preventing them from passing down their life wisdom to future generations. Their cultural identity risks being lost forever.

Another poignant aspect of this predicament is migration. Many illiterate individuals migrate to urban centers in search of employment opportunities to sustain their lives. Unfortunately, due to illiteracy and limited resources for communication, these "diaspora" individuals struggle to maintain contact with their families back home.

HP's Unwavering Mission

With a mission to incessantly innovate technology to improve lives worldwide, HP has introduced a revolutionary product - the HP Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 printer - integrated with the Google Speech API. This cutting-edge technology enables the recording of spoken narratives, which are then transcribed into written text and printed instantaneously. Through this innovation, HP begins to execute its masterplan.

Empowering the Illiterate: A Multifaceted Approach

HP's primary objective revolves around empowering illiterate individuals to immortalize their unwritten stories. By recording their narratives and transforming them into tangible books, HP is preserving an intangible cultural treasure. Copies of these books are sent to the authors, local libraries, and cultural centers, all in an effort to safeguard this valuable legacy.

Simultaneously, HP seizes the opportunity to introduce the unique feature of the HP Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 printer, showcasing its ability to produce outstanding quality prints of up to 4,500 pages. This, coupled with high-yield ink cartridges, highlights the excellence of this new electronic offering.

Strategic Implementation: Bridging the Gap

In an era defined by interconnectedness, HP utilizes an integrated communication strategy to enable illiterate individuals to create and share their own stories with the world. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, HP facilitates an emotionally rich connection through a digital platform. This not only provides people with unforgettable experiences but also enhances the value of HP's printer range.

The Creative Triumph: Introducing "Magic Words"

Under the moniker of "Magic Words," HP developed a website and software leveraging the Google Speech API to transcribe personal narratives into written form and instantly print them using the HP Ink Advantage Ultra printer. The campaign scours Brazil for vivid stories, from the tropical Amazon rainforest in Rondonia to the rural villages in the northeast. These stories are then curated into a captivating book and a documentary film. HP further establishes interactive booths showcasing this technology in famous walking areas throughout Brazil, allowing users to send unique postcards featuring their personal images and messages, transformed from their spoken words.

Execution and Achievement

In March 2016, HP partnered with Almap BBDO to initiate the plan, uncovering stories from across the nation. The result was the creation of the book "Magic Words," a collection of 30 vivid, emotionally charged narratives illustrated with words and images. With 4,500 pages printed using a single printer, this limited edition book is a tribute to spoken language, local culture, and the people of Brazil.

A Comprehensive Digital Presence

To serve as the central hub for the campaign, HP developed the website, designed for easy navigation and interaction. It offers multiple functionalities:

  • Access to the documentary film.

  • Voice-based printing through the website's software.

  • Information about the authors of "Magic Words".

  • Free downloadable PDF version of the book.

  • Introduction to the HP Ink Advantage Ultra printer.

The Phenomenal Results

In the initial week alone, the campaign achieved remarkable results:

  • Over 70 media impressions reaching over 4 million people.

  • The "Magic Words" book quickly sold out, with over 300 e-book downloads.

  • Photo booths produced 1,567 unique postcards, impacting around 2 million individuals.

Impressed by the positive influence on the public, HP plans to expand the installation of photo booths in major Brazilian cities. Additionally, they aim to develop interactive booth technology that enables illiterate individuals to fill out forms or applications.

The Magic Words campaign earned accolades at Cannes Lions 2016:

  • Gold award in the Cyber category for Integrated Multi-platform (Online & Offline).

  • Silver award in the Cyber category for Durable Consumer Goods.

  • Nomination in the Digital Craft category (Editorial, Omni Channel Storytelling, Innovative Use of Technology).

HP's Magic Words campaign stands as a beacon of hope and innovation, spotlighting the potential for technology to transcend barriers and empower marginalized communities. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, creativity, and empathy, HP has woven an inspiring narrative that preserves the essence of oral storytelling while embracing the potential of modern digital platforms.

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