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Asus Incredible is Now: Unveiling a New Era of Technological Excellence

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Asus has consistently proven itself as a pioneering brand, setting the stage for remarkable advancements that resonate with users worldwide. The year 2016 marked a pivotal moment for Asus, with a transformative campaign orchestrated by Mirum Vietnam that not only introduced two flagship computing devices across 12 global markets but also cultivated a groundbreaking brand communication platform that would shape Asus' trajectory for years to come.

Context and Challenges

Asus operates within the realm of computers, where brand differentiation often gets blurred amidst a sea of options. In this landscape, product features wield immense influence over purchasing decisions, while pricing remains a critical determinant in this segment. Recognizing these challenges, Mirum Vietnam embarked on a journey to carve a distinctive identity for Asus, leveraging its technological prowess and customer-centric approach.

Objectives That Transcend

Mirum Vietnam's mission was clear: to achieve several vital objectives that would redefine Asus' position in the market:

  • Elevate User-Centricity: Position Asus as a technology brand that prioritizes user benefits, crafting devices that enable users to achieve their aspirations.

  • Global Appeal: Tailor messages that resonate with a global audience, highlighting the compelling reasons to trust in Asus' product benefits.

  • Brand Prestige: Shape and communicate the aspirational aspect of the Asus brand, effectively conveying this essence to the target audience.

Unveiling the Insight

An insightful realization emerged from Asus: there existed a segment of users who embraced premium computing solutions. These discerning customers were willing to invest in devices that not only commanded higher prices but also offered unparalleled differentiation and status elevation.

The Masterstroke Strategy

Months of meticulous research into the premium computing segment laid the groundwork for Asus' metamorphosis. Mirum Vietnam assembled a comprehensive global profile, reflecting the mindset, behaviors, and attitudes of Asus users. This endeavor culminated in a resounding brand message that resonated worldwide: "Incredible is now."

Impeccable Execution

With the strategic blueprint in place, Mirum Vietnam crafted two captivating videos, strategically disseminated through online channels, drawing viewers into the global campaign hub hosted on Asus' website. These videos provided in-depth insights into each product's features and benefits, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Zenbook 3: Redefining Elegance

The first video was an ode to the exquisite design of the Zenbook 3, an embodiment of sleek sophistication. Employing slow-motion cinematography, every frame accentuated the irresistible allure of this Asus masterpiece. The footage depicted a city captivated by the device's aesthetics, collectively pausing to admire its elegance. The creative direction demanded innovative techniques during filming, resulting in a visually stunning representation.

Transformer 3 Pro: Boundless Potential

The second video embarked on an action-packed narrative, showcasing the power of the Transformer 3 Pro. This video not only underscored the advanced components that elevated Asus' devices but also accentuated the endless possibilities they bestowed upon users. Addressing the aspirations of target customers, the campaign delved into three core themes: gaming, music, and modern entertainment. The amalgamation of Hollywood-esque visuals, meticulous design, and Hollywood-grade post-production effects produced a cinematic masterpiece that took five weeks to materialize.

A Digital Haven: The Virtual Odyssey

The campaign's website echoed the sophistication and modernity emblematic of today's technology brands. Transporting visitors into a realm of virtual wonder, the website immersed users in the fantastical universe depicted within the videos, all while showcasing the pivotal features of each product. The seamless integration of visuals and information enabled users to engage and explore.

Asus' journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary was characterized by innovation, insight, and impeccable execution. Mirum Vietnam's strategic prowess not only elevated Asus' brand perception but also redefined the standards of excellence in the technology arena.


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