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OPPO - Thank You for the Connection

The "Cảm ơn vì sự kết nối" (Thank You for the Connection) campaign by OPPO is a remarkable initiative, not just because it marks OPPO's 5-year journey in Vietnam but also because it's a heartfelt gesture of gratitude towards OPPO users for their loyalty and choice of the brand over the years. Unlike traditional appreciation campaigns with typical promotions and giveaways, OPPO's "Cảm ơn vì sự kết nối" leverages various social channels to convey its message of gratitude to its customers.


OPPO, though relatively new in the global mobile phone market, entered Vietnam in 2013 and quickly gained significant market share. As of November 2017, OPPO held nearly 20% of the Vietnamese smartphone market, ranking second in market share according to ICT News. Furthermore, according to data from The Gioi Di Dong and FPT, three out of the seven best-selling smartphones in 2017 were OPPO smartphones.

To achieve this success, OPPO has been working tirelessly to build its brand image as a smartphone company targeting young consumers, offering products in the mid-range to high-end segments. OPPO has also engaged in various marketing campaigns, focusing on trends popular among the youth, such as music, movies, fashion, leveraging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and notably, its collaboration with Sơn Tùng M-TP.

Additionally, OPPO has continuously strengthened its customer relationships and brand love through "Family" platform activities, particularly by nurturing a community of OPPO enthusiasts known as O-Fan.

2018 marked a significant milestone for OPPO with 10 years of global presence and 5 years in the Vietnamese market. This journey's success owes much to the trust of O-Fans and OPPO users, who have contributed to the brand's strong development in Vietnam over the past five years. Thus, the "Cảm ơn vì sự kết nối" campaign serves as OPPO's appreciation towards users who have trusted and contributed to the brand's growth in Vietnam over these five years.


The campaign aimed to make consumers recognize their role as companions throughout OPPO's brand journey. It sought to strengthen the emotional connection (Brand Love) and brand loyalty (Brand Loyalty) of OPPO users towards the brand's products.

By nurturing a sense of connection with current OPPO users, the brand aimed to increase word-of-mouth marketing, thereby boosting consideration rates for OPPO products among other consumer groups.


OPPO organized activities with close coordination between the Brand and Call Center, Service Center teams to guide consumers through the full range of appreciation programs within the campaign, from the website to above-the-line activities and customer care services.

Given that the majority of OPPO users are young adults, OPPO chose digital channels to convey its message of gratitude, aiming to create widespread awareness of the campaign.

While the campaign started digitally, OPPO also executed appreciation activities such as gifting, encouraging customer feedback, and enhancing in-store experiences, as these were vital to engage with customers directly and listen to their feedback.

Creative Idea

Thank You for the Connection

Saying thank you is a beautiful aspect of Vietnamese social etiquette. Thanking someone after receiving help or praise is not uncommon. However, the most meaningful thank yous come after a long journey of connection. These thank-yous don't just express the speaker's gratitude; they make the listener feel valued and that their actions have been meaningful.

Building on this idea, OPPO's campaign aimed to convey its thanks to those who supported the brand by choosing, connecting with, and accompanying OPPO throughout their journey. It wasn't just about the technological connection through an OPPO phone; it was about bringing people closer, sharing moments and joy, and most importantly, connecting OPPO users with life's real experiences (Real-life connection).

Based on the value of "Real-life Connection" that OPPO always strives for, the brand wanted to emphasize that customers' genuine connections and real relationships with OPPO were the key. "It's thanks to your nurturing, exploration, and smart smartphone usage that has allowed OPPO to be meaningfully present in Vietnam for the past 5 years."


The campaign was launched on July 21st through various social media channels to increase consumer awareness of the customer appreciation program, "Cảm ơn vì sự kết nối." Subsequently, above-the-line activities began on August 1st and continued throughout the month. The entire campaign consisted of three main phases:

Introduction Phase: OPPO released a Content Video featuring beautiful scenes of gratitude in various aspects of Vietnamese life. This video wove together expressions of thanks from the brand to Vietnamese users for their choice. The brand highlighted how these connections have made life more meaningful by narrowing the gap between people, sharing moments and joy, and connecting OPPO users with real-life experiences.

Interactive Phase: This phase focused on customer support and interaction with OPPO's call center and service center. Activities included creating unique thank-you cards for users to express their gratitude to others. In addition, OPPO engaged users through a collaboration with Kenh14, with a series of comic strips and articles related to gratitude.

Final Phase: OPPO's CEO in Vietnam sent thank-you letters to users who had participated in the campaign, along with special gifts as tokens of appreciation.


PR & Social Activities:

  • Content video reached 1 million views, thanks to compelling content and PR and social media activities.

  • 45 PR articles featured on VnExpress and Kenh14 in just 1.5 months.

Direct Marketing Activities (Within 1 Month):

  • 500 unique thank-you cards created and scheduled for delivery.

  • 3250 interactions with OPPO's call center.

  • A 70% increase in transactions at OPPO service centers nationwide, especially in major cities.

  • 100 O-Fans participated in the tech-offline event to experience OPPO's latest flagship, Find X.


  • OPPO's "Thank You" campaign received a Silver award for Case Studies at the OPPO Global competition, which includes participation from over 30 countries where OPPO operates.

In conclusion, OPPO's "Cảm ơn vì sự kết nối" campaign successfully expressed its gratitude to users, fostering genuine connections and strengthening brand loyalty among OPPO enthusiasts. Through a combination of digital, direct marketing, and PR activities, OPPO effectively conveyed its appreciation for the meaningful connections it has built over the years.


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