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Sunsilk's Innovative Approach: Hair Finger Comb Language

The Vietnamese hair care market is booming, with consumers willing to invest significantly in hair products. However, this burgeoning interest has led to fierce competition among brands, causing confusion among consumers. Sunsilk, a brand known for "Soft & Shine" hair, needed a fresh approach to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace.

Goal: Building Loyalty

Sunsilk aimed to strengthen consumer loyalty, especially among young women aged 20-28, who lead active lives and value well-groomed, soft, and smooth hair. The challenge was to improve the perception of Sunsilk's "Soft & Smooth" advantage, ultimately increasing loyalty by 1%.


Extensive research revealed a unique insight: the way young Vietnamese women touch their hair reflects their emotions and expressions. Sunsilk seized upon this discovery to create a captivating campaign.

Creative Idea: Hair Finger Comb Language

Sunsilk introduced the concept of "Sunsilk Hair Finger Comb Language" – a visual dictionary that decodes the meaning behind different hair touches. This innovative idea aimed to connect with consumers on a personal and emotional level.

Campaign Execution

Recognizing the importance of mobile in reaching their target audience, Sunsilk allocated a significant portion of its digital budget to mobile advertising. The campaign kicked off with a story featuring a geek who couldn't decipher the HairComb language used by a girl he was attracted to.

Zalo - The Perfect Platform

Zalo, Vietnam's leading social media chat app, became the campaign's primary platform. Nearly 67% of Sunsilk's target audience actively used Zalo for daily communication, making it an ideal choice. To engage users, Sunsilk introduced a "Chibi Maker Tool" that transformed users' photos into Chibi drawings, incorporating elements of Hair FingerComb Language.


Sunsilk's innovative approach paid off handsomely:

  • Sunsilk became one of the Top 5 Zalo Pages with 100K+ followers.

  • 67% of the target audience on Zalo was reached within a month.

  • Over 75K photo submissions and 32K Chibi drawings created.

  • More than 2 million sticker downloads, with 260K Chibi stickers used daily.

  • 600K+ views on YouTube and ZingTV in just one month.

  • Market share increased significantly in the top 4 cities, resulting in over 1 million additional bottles sold.

  • Loyalty volume rose by an impressive 4.6% in top 4 cities, exceeding the target of 1%.

  • The campaign contributed to a remarkable 22% growth in sales in 2014.


Sunsilk's campaign harnessed the power of Zalo, the preferred mobile app of their target audience, to differentiate the brand in a fiercely competitive market. By understanding the media habits of their consumers and speaking their language, Sunsilk successfully built genuine engagement and emotional connections.

Discover how innovative campaigns like Sunsilk's can revolutionize brand marketing in the digital age.


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